LinkMagic to earn more from Amazon Affiliates

Blogging is one of the efficacious ways to build a passive income online.

Either you sleep or walk your blog will make money for you and the beauty is even after your death your blog makes money for you.

Though all the blogs are monetized in one or many ways, not all the blogs are making money as expected. But some popular blogs are making unimaginable money.

There are many ways to make money from your blog based on your niche.

Affiliate programs, Sponsored content, AdSense, Banner displays, native advertising and few other direct selling methods.

Bloggers choosing affiliate programs like Amazon or Ebay sell more volumes and make a good commission on successful sale than other affiliate programs.

In the customary method, you have to search for the product and create your own affiliate link and has to place on the blog.

But works based on the keywords present in the post. If any keyword matches with amazon products it will automatically create an affiliate link and whenever a purchase is done through the link you get an affiliate fee from Amazon. Simple isn’t?

Advantages of Linkmagic

1.No redirection

An affiliate link created by Linkmagic will directly take your customer to Amazon it will never redirect to third party website and then to Amazon.

There are few infamous programs which will take your reader to the third party where they display some ads and then to amazon. But not here.


This smart tool will automatically redirect your readers to right website based on the country. For example, if your reader is from India it redirects to if it is England directs to so you need not worry about location.

3.No middleman

Commissions you earned will flow from amazon to your account directly no middleman as in some other programs.

Whatever you earn you take it.

4.Works for all niche

You can write about education, fashion, sports, crafts, electronics or whatever Linkmagic works fine in all the category equally.

5.Highly responsive

According to web analytics firm StatCounter, mobile and tablets have overtaken the usage of desktop and laptop.

Even Google Analytics reports for my blog stating more views are from mobile devices than desktop.

So to cope up this rapid change Linkmagic is highly responsive it works fine on a tablet, desktop, and mobile where the possibility of conversion is high.

How to install LinkMagic on your blog?

It is simple and easy to install Linkmagic

1.Just create your free account by entering details like Full name, Email Id and Amazon tag based on your country on Linkmagic website.

Generated code to place on your site

2.You will receive an activation mail from Linkmagic to activate the account. Copy and paste the HTML code on your website.

3.If you are using WordPress, download the plugin and enter your amazon tag.

As soon as the account is live you can view your stats on the dashboard which could help you to measure the performance of the Linkmagic.

It was then when bloggers made money only through AdSense like programs but growing intrusive against ads urging internet users to install ad blockers in their system (desktop or mobile).

Hubspot in a report revealed that the world-famous adblocker AdBlock Plus has been downloaded over 500 million times and 64% of internet users are annoyed by ads on the website they view.

This growing downloads of adblockers cost the advertisement industry $22 billion dollar which is a big drawback for bloggers.

So no longer bloggers can solely depend on Adsense to monetize their blog they need to start affiliate marketing.

And to become successful affiliate marketer Linkmagic will help bloggers to boost their amazon affiliate earnings.

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