HostPapa: A Review of Best Features and Highlights

Website hosting entails using a server from a service provider to host your company or personal website. Because of the increase in demand for these servers, there are now countless options from different companies.  This HostPapa review will help you in determining if it is the perfect hosting site for you.

HostPapa provides web hosting to businesses globally, but they are based in Canada. It is one of the most popular names in web hosting services all over the world. If you look online you will see plenty of good comments, like this review for HostPapa. They promote themselves as the ideal web host for small businesses. Additionally, their plans and prices are reasonable for anyone who wants to build and maintain a stunning website. 

We have provided you with a review of HostPapa’s best features and highlights to help you decide if it’s the right web hosting service for you.  You should read this HostPapa review before buying their services.

Reliability and Performance

HostPapa shows promising uptime value, having an average uptime value of 99.97 percent. Although the people at HostPapa promised a 99.9 percent uptime value, this is the actual measurement of their system’s reliability. Their uptime value indicates that their servers may go down on an average of three hours annually. These three hours are not consecutive, and you may experience them a few minutes each day, week, or month. 

Although other hosting services have a 99.9 percent uptime value, which usually goes downs an hour annually, these services may cost you more. HostPapa is a cost-effective web hosting provider that offers excellent performance for its price. 


  • Two-Basic Domain Plan

HostPapa not only offers cost-effective plans, but their basic web hosting plan is also well-structured. It consists of standard features and other distinguishable perks that put it a cut above the competition. HostPapa’s cheapest plan lets you host two sites in one account, which is unique because most hosting services only cater to a single site in its lowest tier price. The notable perk is that the company includes “Essential Features,” which includes premium functions, such as free SSL, free website transfer, 24-hour, and a 20-day warranty.

  • Free Domain 

The company also provides you with a free domain when purchasing an annual plan for its hosting services. HostPapa delivers and completely give you this offer with no hidden charges, unlike other hosting services that garner hidden fees in their free domain feature.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

HostPapa provides you with unlimited bandwidth, which gives you an endless capacity for data from several networks in a specific period. The company aims to provide clients with the hardware resources that their websites need to operate seamlessly, even at a sudden surge of traffic with no hidden charges. 


  • Hosting Plans and Pricing

HostPapa offers a variety of plans and pricing that is suitable for anyone with or without a strict budget. Their basic plan of shared web hosting costs up to $4 monthly or a three-year pro upgrade for $20 monthly. If you use WordPress frequently for your business or blogs, HostPapa offers a dedicated WP hosting plan, which gives you seamless performance and reliable support for your WP blogs. This dedicated plan costs $4 monthly or a three-year pro upgrade for $22 monthly.

Regarding HostPapa’s pricing, it’s relatively reasonable especially the quality they are offering, which is decent. The only issue is that the unlimited or unmetered promises in their plans are not true, and you are still limited to bandwidth use or hog all the server space; these limits are stated in their page of “Server Space and Abuse Policy.”

  • Easy to Use

HostPapa is easy to set up and use, and this includes their hassle-free payment process. You just have to choose what plan you intend to buy, choose a unique domain name, or use a pre-existing domain name. You just need to provide the company with your payment details and finish the process of setting up your account. 

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  • 24/7 Customer Support

HostPapa beats its competition with its impressive 24/7 customer support service. They offer the conventional support ticket system that is accessible in your HostPapa dashboard, offer free weekly webinars or one-on-one training sessions with an expert support representative, and provide a handy live chat feature that lets you consult with a person in real-time. 

HostPapa provides reasonable plans or packages that still give you top-quality web hosting services for your website. Although to get the best deal on their packages, you have to commit to them for at least three years, which is common in most web hosting providers. Their plans have some of the best values for web hosting for two individual websites.

HostPapa also focuses on being green by using renewable energy credits that balance out the amount of energy they utilize to run their servers. If you’re looking for a cost-effective web hosting provider with good uptime, HostPapa is the ideal choice for you, especially if you want your website to be run by a company that cares about the environment.

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