130+ Useful Free Marketing Tools for Small Business

Without marketing your product or service reaching your targeted audience is cumbersome. If your business is blessed with wealth then you can spend like Amazon to create a brand value but if you are bootstrapped how you are going to compete with your established competitors. To help bootstrapped start-ups here I am compiling free marketing tools for small business. Remember to come back and read another useful article List of FREE CRM Softwares for Small Businesses

List of free marketing tools for small business

Free Bulk SMS Software
Software Benefits Requirements
1.FrontLineSms ·         250 SMS/month

·         Email ticket support

You need an updated browser with a modem or working phone with credits.
2.My SMS Mantra ·         No hidden cost

·         Free Technical Support

·         SMS Scheduling and much more

Excel plugin since it sends messages directly from Excel.
3.AtomicPark ·         Both single and bulk SMS service

·         Detailed Reports

·         Free to distribute mass texting software to all computers you want.

Windows equipped laptop or desktop

Internet Connection

Free Email Marketing Softwares

Email marketing is one of the powerful ways to drive more sales and traffic to your website.To perform your email marketing effectively here I am jotting down few cost effective to be technically free online tools to do email marketing.

3. EngageBay – Unlimited Contacts and 50,000 Branded Emails.

4. MailChimp – Up to 2000 subscribers and 1200 emails per month.

5.ReachMail – Up to 5000 subscribers and 15000 emails per month.

6.eFlyerMaker – Up to 25000 subscribers and up to 15000 emails.

7.TargetHero – Unlimited emails for up to 1000 contacts free forever.

8.Freshmail – Up to 500 subscribers and 2000 emails per month.

9.VerticalResponse – 300 contacts and 4000 emails per month.

10.Zoho – 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month.

11.ResponseMagic – Up to 100 subscribers and unlimited broadcasting.

12.EmailServing – Up to 200 subscribers and unlimited emails.

13.Sendinblue – Unlimited contacts and 9000 emails per month.

14.SendPulse – Up to 2500 subscribers and 15000 emails per month.

Free Marketing Templates

To support your email marketing and other forms of marketing there are few free resources available for your bootstrapped business.

15.Hubspot – The ultimate collections of free content marketing templates.

16.Mplans – Right from beauty and fitness to Transportation marketing plans available.

17.Free-CSS – 100+ free business templates.

18.EmailonAcid– 600+ free email templates.

19.FreemailTemplates – 100’s of license free email templates.

20.99designs – 12 free email templates from professional designers.

21.Templatesbox -Free templates available in all categories.

22.Campaign Monitor – 20+ free email templates for commercial purpose.

Free Email Trackers

Email trackers help you to segregate readers from non-readers so you can deploy a strategy to increase open rates.

23.Whoreadme.com 24.Getnotify.com
25.Hubspot Email Tracker 26.BananaTag.com
27.ContactMonkey.com 28.Mail Track for Gmail – App for chrome
29.MailTrack 30.PointOfMail.com
31.ifRead 32.mixMax.com
33.didTheyReadIt.com 34.intelliverse.com
35.msgTag.com 36.salesHandy.com
37.32bit.com 38.Emailtray.com
Free Landing Page creators

Well-designed landing pages could convert views into leads.

39.Ucraft.com -Single page,editable content,Free hosting ,Custom domain,Editable content,easy to share with your friends and followers.

40.PromoJam.com – easy to customize landing pages with a click and draggable option.

41.Ontrapages – You can build up to 10 unique pages,option to get leads straight into your inbox.

42.Landingpagemonkey.com -mobile compatible with 100% free hosting.

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Free Explainer Video makers- Marketing tools for small business

Actions speak louder than words.More than writing a description for your product in 100 words you can easily create explainer videos for your product and service.

43.Animaker – Animaker is an online do-it-yourself (#DIY) animation video maker that brings studio quality presentations within everyone’s reach.The free plan includes 2 mins video length ,5 exports per month and many.

44.Animatron – Free plan includes 5 public projects and 2GB storage.

45.PowToon – 11 styles, 38 tunes, up to 5mins but no download.

46.RenderForest– includes videos from all categories,no editing limitations,downloadable but has a watermark in the free version.

Free scheduling software for social media marketing

Need not wait for right time to post rather we can schedule the post at your flexible time.

47.Buffer – Free plan includes one social profile and can schedule up to 10 posts ,it is free forever.

48.Hootsuite – Free plan includes 3 profiles with SSL security.

49.Tiempy.com – Unlimited posts ,unlimited profiles but one project for free.

50.Socialoomph – Limited features on the free plan.

51.Everypost.me – up to 10 posts and 1 team member.

Free design software

52.Ribbet.com – Create collages and edit photos directly from social media.

53.Canva.com – an Excellent platform for all you business needs with free and ready-made designs which are easy to customize.

54.PicMonkey – Pure alternative to Photoshop for intermediate designs.

55.Pixlr.com – Another free photo editor with photoshop like background.

Free online infographic makers

Presenting your ideas visually could help your audience to understand your product better.

56.Venngage.com 57.Canva.com
58.Genial.ly 59.Piktochart.com
60.infogr.am 61.visme.co
62.Easel.ly 63.Spritesapp.com
Free creative common images for marketing

Using a random Google images may cost your business big in future so please avoid and start using Creative Common images.

65.Flickr under creative commons 66.Pic Jumbo
67.Gratisography 68.Unsplash
69.Little Visuals 70.New Old Stock
71.Death to the stock photo 72.Pixabay
73.Splitshire 74.Life of Pix
75.IM Free 76.Morgue File
77.Snapographic 78.Raumrot
79.Foodies Feed 80.Picography.co
81.Libreshot 82.Kaboompics
83.Pexels 84.Lock and stock photos
Free Survey Online- Marketing tools for small business

Before launching your idea or product it’s advisable to go for survey either online or offline to understand the market.Survey forms also good for collecting feedbacks from your existing customers .

85.Zoho Survey – Free plan includes unlimited surveys,15 questions per survey and 150 responses per survey.

86.SurveyMonkey.com– Free plan includes 10 questions and 100 responses.

87.SurveyPlanet.com – Free plan includes unlimited surveys ,unlimited questions,unlimited responses.

88.KwikSurveys.com – Free plan includes unlimited surveys,unlimited questions, and full results export.

89.esurv.org – Unlimited surveys,Unlimited questions,unlimited responses,24 email support and much more on the free plan.

90.Google Forms – the Best platform to start your survey.

91.Typeform – Free templates,free notifications,device compatibility and more.

92.SurveyNuts.com – Max of 100 response per survey and the maximum of 10 questions per survey.

93.Responster.com – Unlimited surveys and responses,easy to build,Response analytics,easy to share and embed.

Free competitors analyzing tools- Free marketing tools for small business

By analyzing your competitor you could redevise your existing strategy or help you to devise an attacking marketing strategy in future.

Service Provider Main Features
94.SemRush.com 1.Organic Search

2.Paid Search



5.Top Organic keywords

6.Top Organic Competitors.

7.Competitors position mapping.


9.Both Mobile and desktop version.

10.Organic keywords performing countries.

95.Spyfu.com 1.Organic keywords

2.Top Organic competitors

3.Inbound links

4.Organic Ranking

96.Majestic.com 1.Performing topics

2.Referring Domains


4.Anchor text

5.Top Pages

Free Giveaway Websites-Marketing tools for small business

Being an emerging business providing giveaways are the best way to acquire new customers.But too much of giveaways are not good for your business.If you are adding customers by providing giveaways ,your addition will stop when you stop giving.

To help you out in the initial stage there are few websites which are helping small businesses to set up their giveaway campaign in few clicks.

97.RaffleCopter – Here you can create your free giveaway campaign with limited features .Easy to create and embed on your site.

98.Promo Simple- Free plan includes features like unlimited giveaways,Custome entry forms,Real time report,social media engagements.

In a simple three steps, you can create your campaign- Create,Design and promote.

99.Giveaway Tool – This tool is somewhat unique and designed for Twitter.


1.You can find tweets with hashtags related to your campaign 2.Sort out the person who made an interesting tweet 3.Award or reward him.

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Free visitors monitoring tools

There are few online tools which help you to understand your visitor’s behavior with your blog or site.

You can track pages they are visiting, where they are dropping off from your site, conversion funnel, Visitors recordings, Analytics, Feedback Polls, Surveys etc.

Software Features
100.HotJar.com 1.Up to 2000 page views per day

2.3 heatmaps

3.Conversion Funnels


5.Polls and Surveys

6.300 recordings

7.Data storage for 3 months.

101.InspectLet 1.100 recording sessions per month

2.1000 page views per month.

3.1 Website

4.1-monthh storage


102.Smart look 1.Unlimited number of recordings per month.

2.Unlimited number of websites

103.Hoverowl 1.250 recordings

2.250 heat maps

3.1 website

104.Mouse stats 1.100 playback recordings

2.100 heatmap recordings

3.100 form analytical recording

4.1 website

Free Video hosting Platforms

You can host your product explaining videos on Youtube and embed everywhere. Since Youtube comes at no cost you can save a lot in this then why you need a special video hosting platforms to host your marketing videos?

Few key things these platforms provide better than Youtube.

Here you can monitor the websites that embed your videos on their site you have full control over it.

You can track how much time individual spent on your video.

You can collect some leads from the video, for example, you can embed an email collecting form on the video.

You can drive traffic to your site rather than to Youtube.

Full control on annotations.

Software Free plan features
105.Wistia 1.5 videos

2.All tools, analytics and basic integration.

3.200 GB of bandwidth per month.

4.But Wistia branding on the player.

106.VideoPath 1.Youtube Hosting Only

2.Videopath Branding

3.Video builder access

Free tools to collect customer data

Marketers need to collect customers data from different places like mobile, web, server and cloud apps to understand the market better.

But it costs more to build a data collection software.

You can collect your customer data free from data collection software online.

Software Free plan features
107.Segment 1.Unlimited integrations

2.1 source (mobile app, web, server, cloud anyone) limit.

3.1 warehouse limit

4.Only one person can access.

Free Tools to find the shared content

Okay, your team members are experienced and more knowledgeable than your competitors and you are publishing very good articles on social platforms in your niche.

You know some people are reading, liking and commenting on your post but do you know whether they are sharing your content?

Do you know one thing ? you need not share on multiple platforms at different times. If you produce a worthy content , your followers will do the sharing business for you.


To know how many times and where your contents are shared here we have few free online tools to help you out.

By knowing which content shared most and on which media, you can devise a strategy to accelerate your growth on the respective medium and can concentrate on weakening part.

So do analyze for every post by submitting the right link.

108.SharedCount 109.MashShare (WordPress Plugin)
110.VA Shared Count(WP Plugin) 111.Add to Any (WP Plugin)
Free Data Visualization tools

Marketing not only includes creating attractive images but also an insightful one.

It is easy for non-geek also to understand the graphically explained data over with tons of words.

Tableau public

Some free online tools make it free to create different graphs with given data or to create customized visual.

112.Qlik.com – Free features include 5 users,Max file size 25MB,Max storage 250MB.

113.Domo.com – 100 GB data capacity,Daily updates,community support but no admin controls.

114.DataHero.com – Unlimited charts to create and share,Free imports and uploads,Unlimited uploads upto 2MB each.

115.Tableau.com (Public) – Up to 10 GB space saved to your profile,easy to share with more additional apps integrations.

Free conversion Tools

Seriously these tools are boon for online marketers.Using these tools you can bring more traffic to your website by sharing influencing contents.

To understand better just watch this video you will love this tool.


But Snip.ly is not free forever.

continue reading….. you will find free alternative to snip.ly

116.Clipclap.com -Its 100% free for both social media engagement and boost engagement.Free to add call to action ,you can analyze your link performance,scheduling and mobile compatibility.

117.Back.ly – Easy to work attractive portal includes call to action,animation,performance analysis,multi-device compatibility.

118.Clipids.com – A simple dashboard holding all the basic features to embed your message on the content you share.

119.Umomy.com – Though the site looks basic it can perform what their competitors are doing.

120.GetSpread.it – its free version limits the number of views to 1000 per month,unlimited number of links and email support.

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Free URL Shorteners

This helps you mostly when you want to add some extra information on twitter about your product or business.

Not only on twitter if you want to analyze your embedded link then you can shorten the URL to get a complete report for your link.

120.Goo.gl 121.Bitly.com
122.Bit.do 123.ow.ly
124.tinyurl.com 125.yourls.org
126.Shorte.st 127.Tiny.cc
128.ity.im 129.1url.com
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Free tools to find influencers

Influencers from your niche help you to build your brand but finding the right influencer depends on your marketer skill.

130.Peerreach – Peerreach analyses your connections and contents to determine the right influencer for you.

131.Kred– Kred helps you to find the contents and techniques that work in your niche and can connect with influencers from your industry.

132.Klear – “People trust influencers not ads” is the thought behind Klear ,covering 500M profiles across all networks.

Free video Editors

When you plan for publishing some Youtube videos or some video works on your website then knowing this software will save you some cost.

133.Machetesoft– This lite edition is designed for simple and quick slicing of your videos .You  can delete unnecessary fragments,cut,copy,move and mix video pieces.

134.weVideo – A cloud-based freemium video editor serving 5min/month,1GB storage,can publish in 720p and weVideo watermark.

135.Filmora – A freemium software available for all the four major platforms windows,Mac,iOs, and Android.

136.LightWorks – Comes with both free and Pro version.In the free version, you get only limited features whereas in Pro you get an access to explore all the Lightworks functions.

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