Hello SocialTalker,

I have been working as IT technical consultant in Greater New York City area for one of the world’s top 3 IT companies. I am always passionate about doing something on my own, express my thoughts and also create an extra income out of it. An avid reader can hardly hold the thoughts in mind.

Blogging is one of the best platforms that helped me achieving this.

I started a blog on one of the free platforms to try out my ideas. It took me few months to learn basics on my own and start making money out of it. My confidence increased with each day and I immediately moved to my custom domain with paid hosting.

Within an year, I realized that the money I make is of little value when compared with the number of appreciations I have received.

It has been a great journey writing about various topics. Some of those received great number of views and opinions while the others received almost nothing.

The success of my first blog encouraged me to have one more such platform. SocialTalky.com is the name.

I write on various topics like blogging, career development, make money, sales and marketing, real estate etc.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please send them to our email. I would be happy to read them and respond to you.

SocialTalky.com is a 7+ years old blog site with great quality content in multiple niches. The MOZ DA value of our site is 59. This is not a PBN site and has only unique and plagiarism-free human content.


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Signing Off – Ram