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Before getting into the core of the subject you should know why this article is important for bloggers or web developers like you.

Apart from blogging on socialtalky.com I am also running an online ticket booking portal where I list out workshops or classes happening in and around the city and it is a localised business.

Whenever I do maintenance if I turn down the website on server and my viewers will be shown the below image.

By seeing this some people will lose trust and some may come back but don’t register since it is online money transaction business people need the guarantee for the money they pay.

If I keep on showing “This website is not available” then no will turn up.

Then I was searching for a WordPress solution for this problem on Google and landed up on the free WordPress Plugin “Under Construction Page”, developer’s friend.

Showing error codes not only turn off your viewers but also upsets SEO. Google waiting outside the door will penalize your site for showing error codes to its users which is suicidal.

To avoid all these possible threats, it is wise to display under construction page on your website. So users and Google will understand that you exist but some repairing works are going there and will come back.

It is wise isn’t? continue reading…

Steps to install and configure Under Construction Page plugin :

1.Download and install Under construction Page plugin on your website.

2.Configure it by simply hitting settings -> Under Construction

Now you can configure your page.


Status: If you enable it then your website will show the selected template by you. Here you can select exceptional cases like 1. Administrator 2.Editor 3.Author 4.Constributor 5.Subscriber based on your selection plugin will hide the website to others.

You can also automatically set the date when the construction will be completed. on reaching the date your website will be open to all.

The best part is you can track how many people visited your under construction page by entering Google Analytical-id.

By knowing the number of users visiting your site you can decide whether to accelerate your work or decelerate.

Not only for setting the deadline but also can add new features or you may get an idea then by analyzing the demography of the visitors.

To get your Google Analytical id of your site.

Go to Google analytics and click your website name you will find an alphanumeric number starting with UA- under Properties and Apps.

Google Analytics Tracking Id

By entering the id you can now track the records.

Under construction Page provides you more attractive free templates to be displayed on your page select the desired one to proceed further.

As I mentioned this plugin is highly customizable like you can add Title, Description, Headline and content so rather than showing a simple animated page you can speak to your visitors why they are landed up there.

One of the best features about Under Construction Page plugin is, it is social and I completely love it.

When your website is under maintenance why don’t you take your audience to your social pages like Facebook, Pinterest, twitter or youtube?

This will reduce the bounce rate and help you not to lose your business. You are given more options including mobile number and email address.

Once everything is done just save the changes below.

This is how my website seen when it was under construction.

My website is under construction come back later

Developers know how many lines of codes they need to create a page like this but by simply installing WordPress Under Construction Page plugin you can do this in few clicks.

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