Make a Living Blogging

Can I Make a Living Blogging?

There are many aspiring writers out there that ponder this question and the short answer is, yes! The top bloggers make a very good living and are considered to be influencers, yet, as you would expect, getting to the top of the blogging tree is easier said than done.

How do you get into paid blogging online?

If you have zero blogging experience, start by connecting with a leading content provider; they are always looking for writers and the base point would be lower-tier blogs – 400-500 words with carefully placed links to client site. Of course, pay would be on the low side, at least until you got a few 100k words published, and you would have to research a whole host of topics.

High-end work

If you can somehow find an intro into the clique world of fashion, sports or entertainment; of course, your writing talents must be apparent; it isn’t just a question of who you know, you do need to be able to engage the reader.

Sales copy

If you are after the big money, sales copy is where it’s at. This is writing the text for a company homepage and it might take you a few years to reach this level. Ask any of the digital marketing geniuses about good sales copy and they will tell you how valuable such a writer can be. A typical sales copy assignment would be 450-1,300 words and within that framework, you would have to include 10-15 key phrases, which is never an easy task. SEO depends on these keywords and a good copy writer can work them into the content so they look like they belong.

AI generated content

This is your enemy and while Google refuses to recognise AI-generated text, your job is safe. When your work is published, add the URL to your digital portfolio and if you aren’t sure how to market yourself, talk to a business coach and he or she can hone your marketing skills.

If you’re brand new to blogging, we’d say, don’t give up your day job and after a couple of years part-time, see where you are and whether you can go full-time.

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