Hotstar UK Promo Code

HotStar Subscription UK Offer (Promo Code Included)

Hotstar UK Subscription Offer: You can use Hotstar UK Promo Code CMP1880 for getting a 10% discount. This means that you will get a €49.99 annual Hotstar UK Subscription for only €44.99. Hotstar is now officially launched in UK. You can enjoy IPL 2020 (starting September 19th 2020 in UAE), latest movies, web series, shows and […]


Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

The number of people preferring vegan food has been increasing at a greater speed among the present generation. The reason could be the health benefits or the concern for the animals. San Francisco is the best city for vegans. More than 40% of Bay Area land is dedicated to organic farming. You can find various […]

Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime

10 Horror Movies on Amazon Prime You must watch (with IMDb Ratings)

There is a special thrill that we get from watching horror movies. These horror movies can sharpen your paranoia and you won’t forget about the characters for a long time. One of the best examples of this is the Annabella doll. Almost everyone knows about this spooky doll. Most streaming services are taking the horror […]

watch movies on amazon prime

Best Indian Movies on Amazon Prime (2020 & 2019)

The Amazon prime video has become the definition of online entertainment in India. Amazon Prime Video has finally caught up with Netflix’s huge catalog of movies. Prime Video is still lacking in original movies but they make it up by providing more Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi movies. Also, you can stream all the movies in […]

HotStar USA Subscription

HotStar Subscription USA Offer (Promo Code Included)

Exclusive HotStar Subscription USA Offer : Use Hotstar USA PROMO CODE CMP1880 and get 10% Discount +  $100 Hotel Gift Card. This means you get $100 gift card for spending $44.99. Read further for more details. Provide your email in this form once you signup with promo code CMP1880 and shared the link on your Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn to […]