How to make money on Amazon for free?

Amazon is the second biggest search engine following Google but the unique fact about Amazon is users browse with a credit card on their hand. Amazon is really a money making machine lot of success stories are heard in India as well as on International stages. Amazon providing an opportunity for both buyers and non-buyers an opportunity to save and make money. If you are passionate about money making and with a little investment you can make huge money from this Amazon. Here I am listing down five effective ways on how to make money with Amazon.

How to make money with Amazon?
1.Amazon mechanical turk or mTurk

Amazon mTurk is an online marketplace of remote workers to perform the business task required in the business environment which is currently unable to perform by computers.

For example, let’s a business has the requirement of finding a specific object from the half million photos or write a description for a product or a specific task which requires employment for a shorter duration. For all the above reasons businesses started to outsource workers from a remote location in Amazon mTurk.

Here employers post the job called HIT (Human Intelligence Tasks) with the appropriate price, workers can choose the job based on the skills and feasibility.

Once the job is done and approved by the job poster your wage will be credited to your bank account. Remember one thing employer got the rights to reject your work for any of the following reason 1.No quality work 2. Exceeded the drawn time boundary. 3. Not meeting the expectations of the employer.

2.Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

This one needs little investment you need to buy a merchandise from a single brand or from different brands and start selling on Amazon.

For example : if you want to sell customized T-shirts all you need to do is to either get a merchandise or produce on your own then send it to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Fulfillment centers are mere a warehouse where they store your products and display it on their website. There is no any upfront fee they charge you based on your inventory size and number of orders.

Right from Packing to customer service Amazon will take care of it, all you need to do is to send your products to Amazon they take care of the rest and now you can take rest .Amazon works for you and brings you money you just reinvest and repeat the process.

It’s like you are making money by watching your favorite show on TV without any stress and without any overhead costs.

FBA is the best option when you want to make a second income while working or make money from home but need some investment. I suggest you start by investing a little and then reinvest the profit, grow slowly.

3.Sell on Amazon

If you are running a store and selling products physically then you can make more money by selling your product on Amazon. All you have to do is to create a store on Amazon, list your products and make a catalog (their Support team will help you if you are stuck in between).

You can also make advertisement on Amazon and it is charged on a cost per click, not on impression.

If you are getting an order Amazon Easy ship will pick the product from your store, Pack it and send it to the customer .The delivery slip holds your name as seller

Difference between FBA and Sell on Amazon

In FBA you need to send the inventory to Amazon but in Sell on Amazon they pick a product from your own physical store.

Charges are based on the number of products shipped and they pay you once in a week.

You can sell clothes, books, Consumables, Groceries, Musical instruments, Toys etc.

By displaying your products on Amazon make you more money than displaying it in a single physical store.

4.Publish Ebooks

Amazon’s kindle making everyone with little writing knowledge as authors. It’s now easy to publish your books on Kindle store no upfront cost involved in publishing but you need to share the royalty. You can choose either 35% or 70% royalty depends on the selling price you are quoting.

Amazon helps you right from designing your cover page to displaying your product.

By enrolling in KDP select you can increase your visibility which is also absolutely free for you.

People are making millions by publishing their books on Kindle .If you are creative with little writing skill you too can sell more books on Amazon.

Become an affiliate and promote your affiliate link to earn some extra money from your book.

5.Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from any e-commerce websites but you should be serious about money making and need to spend exclusive hours to make some real money.

They share up to 12% commission on selected categories and customized links and banners to accelerate sales.

Amazon also suggests you the best selling products to increase your opportunity. You need to create an account before you promote products. You can track your link’s performance to devise a strategy to get more traffic.

6.Refer and Earn

For each friend who signs up at Amazon and makes a purchase of Rs.300/- or more Amazon pays you Rs.200/- .

Amazon helps you with single click promotion tools to refer more friends.

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7. Merch by Amazon

This is really a lucrative way for creators to make money from Amazon for free using free traffic to make millions without any investment.

If you are a designer, all you have to do is to create an account on Merch by Amazon and start uploading an attractive T-shirt design, Amazon will upload your designed T-shirt in its store for sale.

If anyone buys the product Amazon will print the design and ship it to the buyer, everytime your product sells you make a royalty.

Though the process sounds easy, it’s an invitation-only program. Amazon is not encouraging mediocre to participate in this program, you need to create an account and submit the details, Amazon will send an invitation when the need arises.


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