How to find popular blog’s WordPress theme and plugins?

There are few cumbersome techniques to find the popular blog’s WordPress theme and plugins but here I am going to share the easiest way to find those with a single click.

We always want to design our website or blogs as a leader in the market for example if you are running a content marketing blog then you would like to design your blog like Neil Patel (but unfortunately his design is customized with JS) because he is successful.

So here I am sharing a simple technique to find your rival or friend’s WP theme and plugins.

There are two popular sites to find it

Here you can find themes and plugins in a single click .

All you have to do is to enter the site URL and check it.

It gives the “Theme name and plugins installed on the site”

It also functions like the above one but here the results are somewhat detailed and picturised.

I tested for and here you can witness the report.

Another technique is to  find on the source code page by searching (ctrl+F) for plugins.

Note : If the WordPress themes and plugins are hidden by the site owner then you cannot access those details.

To hide your site the simple technique is to install and activate HideMySite plugin.

By knowing themes and plugins of third party sites you can learn the advanced software and techniques they are using but you cannot make any changes on this.

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