BYJUS learning app to score high marks in exams

Byjus learning app is exclusively designed for students who dreams about scoring more marks but whose mind never give space to take a book and read, who sleeps in the class during boring lectures, who wants to visualize what they are learning, who wants to learn on the go, who wants to understand the concept better than their school subject teachers and who wants to be successful in academics.

And this article is about why you or your children need BYJUS learning app than any other online materials.

Please not this “Byjus review” is not sponsored by Byjus 

Byjus is not only for school grad but also for competitive exam preparatory to get through any tough exams.

During our school days, we read it, memorized it, written it, got passed and forgot it. This habit is a complete cycle in all the stages of our school either it is grade 6 or grade 12 we did the same thing.

It is registered in our mind that marks are only to get good colleges and job not for anything else so we forget everything on successive grades.

But very few lessons we have not forgotten like “A for Apple or B for Ball” studied in Kinder Garten at the age of three or four. You remember isn’t?

At the same time, we couldn’t remember the Physics principle studied in Grade 8 at the age of fourteen.

Do you remember all principles? If not why?

The reason is very simple.

Whatever we read during kindergarten was with picture whether it is A for Apple or the poem “ Johny Johny yes papa”( Haha you indulged in your memories) but the science we studied during later years was thought using confusing line diagrams and vague theories which we failed to understand and remember it.

Now we need to look it from another end.

Many reliable types of research found out that our brain is more of image processor than a word processor. In fact, part of our brain used to process words is smaller in size compared to image processing part and it remembers images than mere words for a long time.

Digital marketer found this fact a few years ago and started playing with images more effectively to increase conversion rate.

Neilsen’s data revealed that users spent 10% more time looking at pictures than they read the content.

SocialBakers research disclosed that images on Facebook get 93% of engagements compared to posts with mere words and Links (src: showHubspot[dot]com).

So scientifically it is clear our brain understands, remembers and increase engagements with images than theoretical statements.

When it comes to learning using images, there are two ways you can learn online.

1.An instructor appears on the screen shows you simple images to explain the topics.

2.A series of slides/2d animations made as a video to brief the concepts with background voice.

But BYJUS brought an innovation in their teaching methods where you get the personalised learning experience by seeing the lecturer and visualizing what she is teaching with excellent graphical works.

Watch this sample course how BYJUS works.

Now you will get a question there are hundreds of free YouTube videos are there why I have to pay BYJUS to learn the same subjects.

Everyone who realizes the value of money will ask this question isn’t?

Let me explain you.

Anyone can start a YouTube channel in any subjects could be mathematics, science or language but do the viewers know they are eligible for teaching the concept.

You learn only whatever the YouTuber knows the knowledge is limited. He reads the subject from books or on internet and republish it as videos.

YouTube is not doing any content checking whether it is reliable or manipulated.

Whereas in BYJUS

A team of qualified selected teachers from world’s top class institutions analyze the subject and find an easy way to teach and explain the concepts with animation which would retain in reader’s memory for a long time.

All the contents go through many stages scrutinization before getting published as course.

Unlike Youtube (single teacher) the knowledge is not limited, a content creating a team is working to build the course so you get a knowledge of highly qualified team’s.

Besides teaching, you do get a full-time support from their team either it is technical or commercial you get service at the doorstep.

At the end of the course you can take test online to test what you understood. If you are clear with the concept you can proceed to next level else ping the faculty to clear your doubts.

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BYJUS is not the first of its kind

There are lot of online course are there from recognised sellers but as said most of them are mere theoretical and vague.

I have taken many course on established online course sellers like UDEMY but the understanding you get from BYJUS is way better than any other.

BYJUS is a freemium business model where you can take selected few free courses to understand byjus better.

With 7000k app downloads and presence over 1701+ cities byjus is dominating world market and roping in investors and young talents to scale the business in faster pace.

1000+ hours of adaptive videos courses are available on byjus under CBSE, ICSE, CAT, IAS, JEE,GRE, GMAT and Commerce with unlimited practice questions and tests.Here you can challenge your peers through quizzo.

Byjus learning app will reduce your expenditure in education

Almost all the school students are going for private coaching after school to get a special attention of the teacher.

The tuition fee of any recognised private coaching centres ranges from Rs.5000/- to Rs. 20,000/- and the maximum of up to 1.5 lakhs per year.

Average Tuition fees(src: The Hindu)


A tired student after school has to travel to private coaching centres which takes his remaining energy. Even after reaching there some tuition centres are having the same number of enrolments as in their school where the teacher to student ratio is high.

Whereas in Byjus the cost of the course is much lower compared to private coaching centres. The cost of the courses in any specified subject ranges from Rs.1000/- to Rs.50000/- for one academic year not a monthly subscription.

When you compute annually and compare the cost of private centres and Byjus you can save your pocket from deep hole.

An after-school student could take any specified classes from his home need not excessive travelling.

The best part of any online learning especially in BYjus is the student teacher ratio 1:1 complete concentration is assured that too from India’s best teachers.

It’s not only for cutting down evening tuition centres but also to reduce the number of students traveling to Kota for IIT exams or to Delhi for civil service exam preperations.

Technical disadvantage of Byjus

While installing the app you will be asked to choose your grade once it is chosen you cannot change it later.

I love to learn the basics of engineering and chosen lower grades while installing but couldn’t change it in future.

Students should be given a choice so that two students from different classes can learn from the single device.

A well-funded startup scaling its business across all the major cities of the world investing more on Research and Development to create many more useful contents too revolutionize education sector.

A day will become prevalent in future where you need not go to schools to learn or attend exams but can do from your home online and byjus learning app seems to be the first effective step to learn from home.

Download Byjus learning app and fall in love with learning.

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