Cost effective ways to find an Alpha users to market your business

Alpha users are also online users who is having high SNP(Social Networking Potential) compared to common users which means if he post something in Facebook or other social media pages engagements on the post will be higher compared to common man posting the same post.

For example if you are posting a pic with your dog you get likes or shares less than the pic posted by a cute girl with her dog so her SNP is higher than you. Business doers need these people to promote their product to her network so they pay her some money to do it.

Established alpha users demand you more money than growing alpha users it is not feasible for bootstrapped business to approach them so here we are listing few cost effective ways to find an alpha users to market your business.

  1. Create an alpha user
Instead of going to a guy with 1lakh followers go to 10 people with 10 thousand followers.

If you approach a guy with 1 lakh followers he may demand you more because the competition is less for him but if you approach the guy with 10 thousand followers you can win him for less cost because the competition is more for him.

If you are doing education related stuff don’t find single guy for the entire idea rather find a guy from each college to promote your product though it sounds like student ambassadors program it is the best way to promote at less cost.

Don’t simply rely on cost our ultimate aim is to spread your message at less cost so analyse their SNP before roping in.

  1. Create Competition among alpha users

There are almost 10-20 alpha users in every niche so convey your message to them that you are trying to promote your product and request them to send the bidding amount the lowest one wins .By doing this you can considerably reduce more expenditure on marketing .

  1. Approach Creative works

Its need not to be a single guy you can approach a Facebook page with more likes, Google plus page with more views, YouTube channels with more subscribers. It’s not branded content marketing but you pay for them to promote your business messages.

Kindly share few other techniques on finding alpha users below.

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