50 ways to promote your business

You need an initial promotion for your product or service irrespective of how good your service or product. There are a lot of ways to promote your business irrespective of the size, Thanks to social Medias for making it cost effective.

In this technology equipped century you need to be competitive in all means both in product development and in marketing.

Think of the situation like this your product is amazing and you nailed it but if you don’t promote it effectively then the only way is the “Word of mouth” marketing by your satisfied customer and it takes more time to increase your sales. So promoting your product is as important as developing.

Well, it’s not only for business but also for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and authors to promote their content. Millions of contents are created every day and very few becomes popular because of the time they invested in promotion.

At the end of the article, you get a handful of cost-effective ways to promote your business.

50 Ways to promote your business

1.Email marketing is one of the effective ways in digital marketing ,creating a community will terrifically increase your sales.

Your website is the best place to collect quality email addresses. The content upgrade is the best method to collect more ids. Get an email id in exchange for free EBook or trial product.

If you are planning for email marketing then you should try GetResponse – World’s easiest email marketing software for startups and corporates at a flexible rate starts from $15/mo.

2.Blogging is another interesting way to bring more traffic and leads. When you educate your subscribers you stand as a thought leader. Address what problems your prospects are facing and write an article as a solution to the problem.

3.Content marketing is the proven strategy helping thousands of small businesses to increase brand value. Though blogging falls under content marketing there are a lot of other ways to do content marketing.

For example, You can create a checklist, EGuide, Videos and much more which benefits and addresses customer’s pain points.

4.Article Marketing is an another way to promote your brand. It’s like blogging but a minute difference. Here you won’t publish the article on your website but on some common article publishing platforms.

For example: if you are publishing articles on ArticleBase.com, article base’s subscribers will read and get to know about your product.

5.Guest Blogging, another proven strategy not only to increase your visibility but also to build backlinks.

If you are writing a guest post in authoritative websites then you can bring more organic traffic by improving your SEO score.

6.Native Advertising will help you when associated with quality bloggers. Native advertising means flashing your brand name along the flow of the article.

For example : Above I mentioned Articlebase.com it’s called native advertising. But they didn’t pay me. If you pay a blogger for inserting your brand along the flow of the content then it is native advertising.

Popular blogs could drive more traffic in this way.

7.Sponsored Content ,It’s same like article marketing or guest blogging but here you pay a blogger to write a content on behalf of you and publish it under your brand name.

For example: if you sponsor this article I put your brand name on top and say this article is sponsored by XYZ and write two lines of your business.

It works in another way also, you write articles and pay some money to the authoritative website to publish it on their site.

8.Display banners, you can display ad space on popular websites related to your domain by paying them .

Many bloggers and news media websites monetize through banner advertising.

9.Introduce affiliate marketing – give decent commission on successful sale or better than your competitors .Bloggers will turn up to promote your business.

10.SEM and CPC methods are suitable for new businesses to acquire new subscribers. If you want immediate traffic then SEM is the best way to promote your site.

11.For long and sustainable business you should work on your website SEO. Investment on SEO is the best investment in your business.

12.Create a WhatsApp group with customers ,educate and promote your product in the group though you cannot increase the group size it helps you in word of mouth marketing.

13.Go live  using Facebook Live or Periscope here you can post live videos of a product launch or live explainer videos.

14.Referral Marketing or Invite friends will help you to enlarge your visibility exponentially. Since you pay the guy working for you, he will work to rope in more friends.

15.Promote your brand in Product curating websites like Nuji.com, wishopoly.com to promote and increase sales.

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16.The advent of cheap android phones forcing marketers to concentrate on mobile marketing. Promoting your ads in Android apps and other related mobile contents can leverage your app installation.

17.Bulk SMS marketing is still alive, you can send offers as a reminding message to your subscribers.

18.Join all the online communities related to your domain and frequently engage with other contents.

19.Create an attractive image or meaningful short video or hashtags on Instagram to make your business viral.

20.Create a page for your business in all major platforms. I suggest you build an audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest .These platforms altogether drive more traffic than other social Networks.

Get an eBook for $5 or for Rs.50/- to increase your traffic and sales from Pinterest. Pinterest is my personal favourite to drive traffic for months.

Pin On Pinterest

Engage with other pins, tweets, and posts as a brand .if you are using your personal profile for business on Pinterest go and change it immediately and start creating a brand.

21.Share your articles on social bookmarking sites. I realized the power of social bookmarking sites when I had driven thousands of traffic from Flipboard, Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit and scope.it.

22.Follow popular brands in your niche and starts commenting on their post as a page, not as an individual, this tip will help you to increase your follower base and create a positive impact.

Spend at least four to five lines to comment don’t comment two or three words.

23.Write a post on other popular social media pages in your niche it increases your visibility as a brand .More than top pages try middle-level pages here your post gets more lifetime compared to top pages.

24.Create an engaging content and publish it on social medias. Videos get more engagements than a plain text post. Create engaging explainer videos for your product. Posting the same videos on your official YouTube channel is an added advantage.

25.To give a serious look for your business increases your LinkedIn followers by publishing interesting articles.


People are coming to LinkedIn to get some additional knowledge in their niche so publish quality articles and become a thought leader.

You can also share industry leader’s words on your LinkedIn page to build more trust.

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26.Slideshare is one of the underestimated platforms for business to drive sales and traffic. Uploading more number and quality presentations will help you to grow as a brand.

27.Promote your content ,social media is a boon for entrepreneurs to spend their money usefully here you can target your potential market and also got a lot of tools to track your performance.

28.Run a contest on social networks appreciates your fans to engage more with your content by giving them a prize ,the more they engage the more chances to increase audience.

29.Do cross promotion, Cross promotion is like guest blogging got more opportunity to increase your visibility.

If you cross promote on the right page then you can expect few new audience.

30.Find influencers in your niche it can be a brand, public figure or a simple Facebook page. Pay them to promote your content.

31.Create discussing forums on Facebook and LinkedIn and invite users with similar interest to share their contents don’t use this stream only to promote your content but to educate and solve the member’s query.

32.Be active on Quora and follow topics related to your niche. Writing an answer to questions on Quora increases your visibility.

Traditional Advertisement

The idea behind traditional advertisement is to distract audience attention by your brand

While watching an interesting movie, a sudden advertisement will distract your attention and make them take a look on your brand.

Marketers struggle to measure the ROI in traditional advertisement since it doesn’t involve any math to measure.

33.Promoting your ad in Television and Radio could help you to build a brand.

34.Getting a slot on the local city newspaper and the magazine could help you to build brand awareness.

35.Find where your potential audience is gathering and distribute flyers.

36.Providing white paper to your leads or prospects will create a positive impact and could convert.

Flyers simply talk about your brand but whitepaper educates your customer.

37.Sponsor an event, sponsoring an event again create a brand visibility. But be careful in handling this.

Analyze audience size, could generate leads and buy potential. If you are convinced, go and sponsor the event.

38.Give a public speech, find a forum  related to your domain and get a slot to talk about your product and service.

39.Giveaway, the best strategy being a new player but don’t have it as your main strategy. If you are acquiring customers only through Giveaway then they will move from you if your competitor does the same.

Do it once, acquire customers and retain them through quality products and service.

40.Do Guerrilla marketing ,it cost your business but if it is done right people will never forget your brand.

41.Ambient Marketing, You surprise people with your brand in unusual places .For example, you can find a small LED screen in toilets displaying ad on the screen is called ambient marketing.

Ambient Marketing

Even you can find a LED screen when people are standing in a long queue.

Marketers converting and entertaining the time people spending in the queue.

42.Send a surprise gift or greeting cards to your subscribers or to the quality prospect will help in word of mouth marketing.

43.Give press meet, Do sponsor a local sports event or NGO’s event call for a press meet and popularise your brand.

44.Provide special coupons and discounts on any special occasions and advertise it in the local newspaper.

You can also signup and publish discounts and coupons on Cashback and Coupon websites.

45.Billboards, an attractive and creative billboard on the roadside two line message could create an impact.

46.Send sample products to alpha users (influencers in your domain) to write a review or talk about your product.

47.Organize a meetup with your potential buyers, share and talk about your business- convince them.

If you don’t provide them anything in return masses won’t turn up so provide free lunch, drinks or samples.

48.Brand your employee’s dress, office interiors, and vehicles.

49.List out your business on public directories and list it on online directories  like Angie’s list, Merchant circle, Yelp and many.

50.Tie up with other businesses, not competitors that would allow you to display banners or products on their website or shop .In exchange, you can either pay money or display their product.


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