Air Shipments

Why should Indian exporters go for Air Shipments?

The world of International trade is very complex in itself and exporters often find themselves in a dilemma about business decisions. One of the most complex decisions exporters need to make is selecting the mode of transport. There are not many options available with an exporter when it comes to shipping products to a different country. There are many factors to be considered when choosing a transport facility for a shipment. The distance, product category, time consumed in shipping, customer demands, and costs involved are some of the main factors in making these decisions. 

The transportation facility needs to be reliable and safe along with being time & cost-effective. The available transportation options are by sea, by land, and by air. The most preferred form of transport for Indian exporters is air shipment. This article is going to take you on a journey of shipping through air. Why should you go for it? Which products are best shipped by air and a lot more. Air shipments are faster and more reliable as compared to other modes of transport. So fasten your seatbelt and come on this journey with us. 

Advantages of Air Shipment

Shipping via air has plenty of advantages and therefore it is an attractive option of transport for Indian exporters. Some of the key benefits of the same are listed below: 


The fastest mode of transport in export is by air and it is no secret. The time consumed in transit of shipments is way less than other modes of transport. This reduced time allows the exporters to distribute their products faster and farther. The shipments that are time-sensitive are usually more reliant on air shipments in general. A common example of time-sensitive goods is perishable goods. 

Increased global reach:

By relying on sea and road transport Indian exporters can only cover a limited amount of distance. Airplanes can cover more distance and in a lesser amount of time. This can help Indian exporters expand their global reach to a large extent and in turn, expand their business to bigger and better international marketplaces. 


Supply chains work on commitments and these commitments are often time-sensitive. Airlines maintain a strict time schedule and their departures and arrivals are very much predictable. It helps exporters live up to their commitments and in turn, maintain their reputation in the international market.    


When the transit time of shipments is reduced to a great extent, there are also reduced costs of warehousing and fewer expenses incurred on overstocking & stockouts. This will result in fewer expenses incurred on overall management and maintenance of inventory.  

Better Security:

 When the shipment is valuable, security is the topmost priority of an exporter. Air shipments offer much better security measures with tight checking at every airport. There is far less risk of damages, tapering, and theft during the transit making it a secure option for valuable shipments.  

Better Product Quality:

Perishable products can lose their quality as time passes. Farm produce and pharmaceuticals are examples of perishable goods that need to be shipped on time to maintain their quality. The speed of shipping via air helps extend the shelf life of these products making it highly profitable for both importers & exporters. 

Transparency & Tracking:

 Air cargo services offer advanced tracking systems to exporters to ensure their shipment is safe and track real-time location. This offers control over the supply chain of the shipments to the exporters. 

No need for heavy-duty packaging: 

When a shipment is transported through sea or land, there is significant use of heavy-duty packaging. When a shipment is transferred through air there are fewer handling issues. This helps in reducing the costs of packaging and the carbon footprint of shipments. 

Lesser insurance costs:

The transit times are shorter and handling of shipments is easier therefore no heavy premiums are to be paid to the insurance companies for support. This is another way Indian exporters can save money with the help of air shipments. 


Air cargo services are available 12 months a year and are flexible to accommodate all kinds of shipments. This flexibility allows exporters to cater to the needs of their customers all year round and maintain customer satisfaction. 

Faster market responsiveness:

The various benefits of shipping by air, especially the faster delivery allow the exporters to respond faster to changes in the markets. Supply chains can be volatile and there can be sudden changes in market demands, seasonal fluctuations, and regulations in the international market. 

Efficiency in customs clearance:

There are dedicated customs facilities available at airports and expedited clearance processes for air cargo. This helps the exporters avoid delays in customs clearance and reduce the risk of customs-related issues. 

Fewer Detention & Demurrage charges:

Demurrage (delayed unloading) and detention (extended use of containers) are common with shipments via sea. There are very less chances of these charges being levied in the case of air cargo. 

Competitive advantage:

With the help of air shipments, exporters can deliver their shipments faster than their competitors. This gives them a competitive edge over other exporters who are using slower transport modes. 

Enter high-value markets:

When products that are high-value are exported in low volume, they need to use air shipments for them. This allows them to cater to high-value customers who are willing to pay the price for both speed and quality. 

Air shipments are a great choice for Indian exporters in a lot of ways but factors like time, volume, and product category should also be considered when you decide the mode of transport. You can meet specific export needs by considering these factors. These days, there are a lot of facilities for Indian exporters. Amazon Global Selling is one such platform that offers exporters access to 18 international markets no matter the transportation mode. The exporters registered with this platform are provided with ample amount of facilities and assistance to run their business smoothly. It is a great opportunity for exporters to finally run their businesses smoothly. 

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