5 things a sales representative should realize

At the end of the day if the product doesn’t sell then your company has to go for lay off. If you sell more you are not only saving your job but also your colleagues but they don’t realize this being a sales representative you should realize these 5 things to become the happiest salesman.

1.Love your job

Abdul kalam clearly said don’t love your company but love your job. Most of the sales people keep on complaining their job but never leave the job because of the commitment they have in life.

You need not work under pressure from your boss rather keep a target for you and work to show your skill in marketing enjoy your work and improve your efficacy in marketing and selling.

It is very tough being a field sales executive but prove your company it is you making the company live.

2.You are having thick skin

An ordinary man cannot survive in the field of marketing because he doesn’t have thick skin but not you. Rejection happens in all level you may be the marketing manager in your company but your client’s security will stop you from entering the gate.

If anything happens in quality or in service customer will shout at you because you are the front face of your company he won’t realize it is quality person’s mistake.

Even people from your very own company looks sales as the lower grade department irrespective of your position and salary they may not treat as like others but you are not working to get respects from your colleagues  you are creating a brand name for you in your market.

3.Feel proud

Though it is a team work to bring out the product, customer remembers you by your company or remember your company by your name.

Anyone except you from your company is not having this much rapport or contacts in the market but you are the fortunate one building for your sake.

Building a network not only helps you in business but also in your personal domain .You can start your very own business in the same field with the clients you built.

4.You are the coolest

It is a stereotype that sales representatives are more stressed than anyone other functional people but I say they are the coolest they are handling so much stress from all the four side from family, immediate manager, company, customers and many but still you are smiling which means you are the coolest person .You can handle any number of problems and got potential to turn negative into positive.

5.Sales representatives are magician

Yes, you know how to handle the people rightly than anyone even though your service is not good you are getting repeated orders from the same client which is pure because of your handling skill.

You know how to convince them how to bring them again how to make them understand what happened. You didn’t get any degree from psychology but you are practicing it.

These are the five things a sales representative should know and should enjoy his work being a sales person happier and riskier than any other professions.

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