Top 5 places to do Guerrilla marketing

It’s not only you and I all the hard workers are looking for a big break in their life at least in a small level but we don’t give up in trying our level best sometimes more than that. There are lot of ways to market your business or events but this Guerrilla marketing is one of the interesting ways to attract masses.

What is Guerrilla marketing?

The main concept of Guerrilla marketing is to surprise common people with your creative thinking coupled with your brand it is believed if you surprise people with your brand they will talk about you they will obsess about your brand it helps in word of mouth marketing. But we cannot do it everywhere you cannot perform Guerrilla method in an open ground with your team there should be people to watch it.

Here we are listing are few places to do Guerrilla marketing that could make your brand visible.

  1. Stadium

Cricket stadium or any game stadium is the right place to attract millions of audience at once but to make it successful you need a big team at least of size of 100 to attract them.

You can cheer up your favourite along with your company name or you can perform dance or play a music band like this it may attract audience and make your brand hot topic.

  1. Theatre

You can attract 500-100 people at once in middle of the cinema make use of the 10minute interval to perform your show book your tickets for your team mates randomly and surprise them by your brand.

If your show is interesting than the movie you may get a chance to perform the rest haha.

  1. Malls

Every Sunday you can find the team performing Guerrilla marketing either for business or for selling tickets for NGO’s. We performed Guerrilla marketing to sell our college cultural tickets in one of the malls in Chennai.

A team of 50 from our college suddenly started dancing in the mall everyone was surprised and watched our show for half an hour and made this show topic among shoppers.

  1. College fest

Select a famous college in your town and perform your show among college students in their cultural fest.

Make sure your concept is interesting and not failed to attract young audience.

  1. Traffic signal

This suits for India especially an opportunity for Mumbai and Bangalore based startups where you can perform your show alongside the road to bring down the frustrated ones in signal.

Don’t do guerrilla marketing without the permission of concerned persons or ready to face the consequences.

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