5 effective techniques to build mailing list

Email marketing is proved to be one of the effective methods in digital marketing world but it doesn’t work if you don’t send mail to right customers building mailing list for your business is important and tough task. Here we are listing out 5 effective ways to build email database.

1.Use linkedIn to build mailing list

LinkedIn is not only the best to place to connect with professionals but also for B2B segment.You can extract email contacts from LinkedIn to send business mails.

Just follow the simple steps Go to Linkedin.com login to your account

Go to My network at the top then click connections in the next page you will find a gear icon at the right corner click the gear icon now you will land up in a page like this .


Under Advance settings click the link Export linkedin contacts  now download the file in desired format .It contains first name ,last name and email ids of your connections.

But they are not your potential clients send an introductory mail about your product or service and request them to subscribe if they are interested else delete the mail id.

More connections more mail id so increase your connections now.

2.Build mailing list from social medias

There are lot of startups group in social medias for example “Chennai Startups or Mumbai startups in facebook and in other medias.Enrol in all the business related groups and post a message like this.

Dear all,

I am X from Y company providing z service interested people can comment down their mail id we send you mail once in a week and at any time you can unsubscribe from the list we won’t share or send spam mails.”

Really you can build 200 to 300 mails from a single group it worked for me keep on trying in groups related to your niche don’t do in irrelevant place.

You can also use call to action button to a landing page to collect the customer details.

3.Use your own website to build mailing list

Create an opt-in form in your website and make it simple for easy subscription don’t ask anything except mail address you can collect his/her details in your proceeding mails.

But to build mailing list from your website you need to have decent traffic.

4.Run contest through mail

Promote a contest in your pages and motivate them to participate to experience your free service or products but run the campaign through mails all the transaction should be through mails  it helps you to get genuine mails ids.

5.Out of House marketing to build mailing list

You can do guerrilla marketing, conferences, lectures or sponsor an event there you can collect email ids from the participants but don’t spend more on this without knowing the audience size and category.

These 5 techniques will help you to build quality mailing list if you find this useful please share this article with your friends.

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