Branded Content marketing a marketing strategy for startups

Branded Content marketing , content marketing and Article marketing are sounds similar though all the three talks about contents about your business but there are some minor differences. Like content and Article marketing Branded content marketing also helps you in SEO ranking.

In content marketing you create contents and publish it in your site or in separate blog and in article marketing you write articles about your business or products in a third party article directories or in a local magazines related to your domain but in Branded marketing you create a content of your choice and pay to publish it in a third party sites or in a print media it’s like you are sponsoring them for publishing the content which promotes your promote.

Why you have to try Branded Content Marketing?
More you express more you get is the mantra of all the content related marketing.

You become leader: People will accept you as a leader in your domain when you create awareness about your domain, introducing new techniques, solving your potential customer’s queries. Rather than simply circulating your business messages when you come out to release articles about your product or about your niche it helps you to gain customers faith on you.

SEO score: Obviously when you increase your backlinks it will help you to increase your SEO rank than your competitor. By publishing your content some sites will provide you links to a landing page or to your home page.

Steps before you do Branded Content Marketing

Analyse the publisher: Remember it’s not like content or article marketing you have to spend some money to publish your articles so analyse your publishers background you can ask for their number of subscribers and viewers don’t go for only one publishers try two to three publishers and choose the one who is closely related with reasonable cost and with more number of subscribers.

Publishers: It’s not only your local city magazines or national magazines but also there are lot of blogs with million subscribers and million daily views. Find a blog from your niche with good million and publish your articles almost all the popular blogs are open for Branded content marketing.

Lot of influencing YouTube channels are out there with million views you can approach them to publish your content in their channels. Even social media pages influencing your audience more than your business so approach them and publish your content there more than print media blogs, Facebook pages and YouTube channels cost you less so you can save more attract more customers .

Before choosing e-media analyse their daily views report and check whether their audience are from locations where you are functioning.

Original Content: Do not do branded content marketing because your competitors are doing do it only if you can create an original content don’t copy and paste from third party sites create your very own content. You need deep knowledge in your domain before you publish content.

Like in all content related marketing you need good content writers with good knowledge or you have to dedicate time in creating content.

Doing Branded marketing will increase your sales volume coupled with other marketing strategies but don’t spend much.

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