How much money Tamilrockers making in a month?

Tamilrockers is a buzz word in Tamilnadu and a word of panic for Tamil cinemas and people wants to know how much money tamilrockers making, what is the benefit by doing this

Who are Tamilrockers?

Tamil rockers is an online website where they upload Tamil movies and dubbed movies on the first day of the release and few movies before they hit the local screen.

Posing as a big threat to cinema producers but entertaining college students, middle-class employees, and homemakers who cannot afford much on a movie with their families.

Who is Tamilrockers Owner and Admin?

Although it is not very clear on the names of the Tamilrockers owner and admin, police had arrested 5 people associated with Tamilrockers on March 15th 2018.

Their names are Prabhu, Johnson, Karthi, Suresh and Maria John. The police statement says that Prabhu is the owner of Tamilrockers and Johnson is the owner of DVD Rockers.

The cops got a breakthrough via a Haryana based advertising firm that works with popular websites. The Tamil film industry thought this could be the end of piracy giant but the present day scenario is known to everyone including you and me.

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Motive of Tamil rockers :

The vision or motive of the Tamilrockers is still unknown but it’s very clear if any cinema celebrities make a statement against them then they know how to avenge them.

Knowing their intention many cinema personalities are very careful before they make any statement.

Having a decent fan following on the social media where they tweet updates on upcoming release on their site and interact with celebs and followers.

Cinema producers made many complaints against them and even tried with some private agencies to arrest and block the domain but whenever they are blocking the present domain tamilrockers simply switching to a different extension.

For example, when was blocked they moved to and when it was blocked they moved to and if it gets blocked they can go for their customized domain extension.

They will update their Twitter page when the domain changes.

During the great release of Kabaali in Tamil, Kickass admin Artem vaulin was arrested in Poland but tamilrockers admins were untouched.

Officers even tried to route down the host providers since they keep on changing the domain name they are still anonymous.

Enough said, isn’t it? let’s explore how much money tamilrockers making

Tamilrockers Money Making Business Model :

I recently came across a blog post and a youtube video explaining how much money tamilrockers is making each day and their sources of income but technically I found those are not the right way to measure how much they make.

So here I would like to explain their business model and how much money tamilrockers making.

As most of them believe, their main source of income is from Popup ads but not Google Adsense.

There are a lot of ad serving agencies which pay admins based on the number of clicks they score.

Google never displays ad on pirated content and adult content sites but some unpopular networks like popAds, popMyAds, Propeller Ads Media, Dynamic Oxygen, Exit Junction, Blacklabelads, BuzzBizz are boon to this kind of pirated and adult content sites.

The payout per click is also competitive with AdSense.

If you visit their sites you will find many ads on their site displayed by above-mentioned agencies.

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How much Tamilrockers Earn?

So, now it is clear their main source of income is by displaying ads. But, how much they can make maximum?

Actually, there is no limit in this passive earning.

Gary Vaynerchuk in his two minutes footage explained “The idea behind the marketing is to grab the attention of the people where they are concentrating

This is how all the content producing media makes money. If millions of people are watching a particular serial in a specific channel, then they will demand more money from businesses to advertise their product or service in an interval.

If a specific magazine is having more number of circulations then they do demand high to display ads because more people are buying it.

Print media makes more money in advertising than selling a magazine (subscription)  that’s the main reason why the cost of dailies and few magazines are not high.

This concept applies everywhere, based on the click-through rate of the site cost per clicks increases and websites make money.

But to make more money you need more visitors. To gain more visitors you need attractive or useful content.

People feel Tamilrockers is helping them in some way to save their money and entertain them. The only cost they have to bear is the internet(data) cost.

There are two types of audience

1. Who browse carefully so they don’t hit any ads on the page, they are very sure that content providers should not make money. Though Google serves related ads, they open a new tab and browse it.

2. There are few people who click the ad if it is useful to them and encourage the contributor for more useful content.

Note: Encouraging viewers to click ads openly on a site is against Google AdSense Policy which may lead to termination of the account.

Pirated and adult websites usually have very low SEO score and 76% of their organic traffic are for the keyword “Tamilrockers(own domain name) ” and other sources of traffic are from “social media” and “Direct search”.

Tamilrockers Monthly Income with Proof :

There are no tools to find how much money a specific website is making, but some bloggers and YouTubers are using data from,, mywebsiteprice.comYour,,,, and many.

But these websites only evaluate based on given URL and the figures they are driving is also not close to the actual one.

I checked my newly created website in the above portals and found results unmatching and not close to actual.

The algorithm differs from portal to portal and the points they consider to evaluate the sites is also different.

To put it in the table lets take Tamilrockers statements from the above portals.

EvaluatorRevenue per day(in dollars)

From the above figures, you can find a huge marginal difference and the beauty is they evaluate keeping domain as a base but Tamilrockers keep on changing their domain extension and mostly using Srilanka IP.

CheckWebsitePrice’s report

So youtubers or other bloggers guessing the Tamilrockers income based on the above websites are completely wrong and we cannot derive even a close match.

Even intelligence tried to track their bank account through which the money from ad networks are paid to them but the address pointed to innocent one.

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From this we  get an idea that they are making a lot of money in this business but how much they make is still unknown. Only they know their vision and bank statement.

This post will be updated in the future, keep an eye on this and share this post if you like this. I shall add more and more details with proofs on how much money Tamilrockers making on a monthly or annual basis.

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