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Top 50 Refer and Earn Sites (Category Wise 2023)

Next to affiliate marketing, refer and earn sites are widely utilized one to build a passive income online.

Interest income, rental income, and royalties are also the better way to build passive income but they need huge investment to make considerable money. But either affiliate marketing or refer and earn programs require huge efforts to make considerable money.

I recently came across a Linkedin post where the Gentleman threw the question to everyone “What do you do if you lose your job tomorrow?”.

Many people accepted they are economically challenged and few stated they will lose the comfort they are enjoying now but only three or four including me commented in a positive way.

We are making passive income through blog or rental or through other means so we are financially less threatened.

Though the question was thrown for discussion it may happen in real to anyone at any time.

Building a second sustainable income is the best way to become independent of others. The Internet made this possible in the 21st century through many options.

There are hundreds of refer and earn sites in India. However, not every refer and earn site is legit. Thus, you should ensure that you are working on a legit site.

It is difficult to differentiate between a real and a fake website. Thus, we have created a list of best refer and earn sites in India for you. You can find the best refer and earn sites in India. These refer and earn sites will pay you good money for referring your friends and family.

From survey sites to cashback sites, to games sites, every site on this list will pay you to refer friends and family. The payout will vary according to the sites.

You can earn good passive money by referring your friends to these applications. If you have a good network, then you can easily a good amount of money from these sites.

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How to become Millionaire with Refer and Earn Sites?

Earn Money by Referring Friends from your laptop x
Earn Money by Referring Friends from your laptop

You can’t become a millionaire by using these apps. However, these apps will help you in generating a good amount of income. You can use this income for supporting your lifestyle.

You can invest the money you made through referring friends and leads in some risky products which can make you millionaire. That is what I am doing right now. Because it would not hurt me too much when I am taking a risky investment – it can either give 10x returns or may wipe out everything I invested. I cannot take such risk with my hard earned income from job or other business.

If you are the one looking for lucrative refer and earn sites then this post will be the useful for you forever.

This is a long read but divided under categories so to jump to the respective section press ctrl+F search for the below keywords for easy navigation.

1. Academics2. Banking and trading
3. Cashback and deals4. Ecommerce sites
5. Games6. Hosting and domains
7. Payment apps8. Travel and hospitality
9. Job portals 10. Generate Leads
Refer and Earn Sites Categories List

Refer and Earn Sites – LinkedIn Survey Results

We have conducted a survey on LinkedIn to understand how many people are actually using refer and earn sites to earn money online.

  • Only 10% of the people actually using the refer and earn sites to earn money online
  • 62% of them are not earning but would want to try them
  • 29% are not interested in the refer and earn sites
Refer and Earn Sites LinkedIn Survey Results x
Refer and Earn Sites LinkedIn Survey Results x

Refer and Earn Sites in Real Estate is the property deals portal that primarily focuses on villa plots in Chennai for real estate buyers to save some lakhs while purchasing the property.  Findbhk encourages users to earn by referring up to Rs.10,000/- per builder reference.

If you know any real estate builders who want to promote their properties on , refer them, and on successful conversion findbhk will pay you up to 10k for each successful conversion. They can refer through the form, by mail, or through WhatsApp.

You can also make referral bonuses by referring property buyers to builders directly. 

Refer and Earn Sites in Stock Market

1. Zerodha

Refer your friends to Zerodha and earn 10% of the brokerage commission they pay. Also, you will get 300 reward points for each referral. You can withdraw the 10% brokerage commission fee to your bank account and use the reward points to get access to various useful tools and trainings (Streak, Sensibull, Smallcase and LearnApp) on Zerodha.

Zerodha is India’s most popular trading platform with 9+ million investors and traders. Hence, you can trust them and refer your friends and family to this platform.

2. Upstox

Refer your friends to Upstox and get INR 100 when they open the account and INR 300 extra when they do their first trade. By going through your referral link, your friend will get FREE Demat + Trading account. FREE access to the all-new Upstox app, it’s faster, easier and smoother. Also, they will get ZERO commission IPO & Mutual Fund investing.

3. Sharekhan

Earn INR 400 for every friend you refer to Sharekhan and he does his first trade. You will get the referral amount on 10th of every month for the previous month.

For example, if you referred a friend this month but he makes a trade in same month, you will receive your referral bonus on 10th of the next month.

Go to Sharekhan Refer and Earn Page and provide your Sharekhan-linked mobile number to get your unique referral link that you can share with your friends and social media network.

There are many advantages that your friend will get if you refer Sharekhan to him/her, so they will be thankful to you.

Zero account opening charges

Free access to Sharekhan classroom

Free access to the Sharekhan research coverage

Free support from experience relationship managers


Get ₹5,000 worth vouchers from top brands on your First Ever Referral to This offer may end soon. provides dynamic referral commissions with Brokerage Sharing Benefits of up to 40%.

Based on the number of persons you refer to, the commission percentage will change. 12.5% for upto 5 referrals, 25% for 6-25 referrals and 40% for 26+ referrals. So, if you have good network of friends who are interested in stock market, you can make good money from

Refer and earn sites in Academics

  1. Simplilearn – On referring your friends to take any provided online course you get an amazon voucher and your friend gets 15% discount on course cost.
  2. Apna course – On referring your friends you get Apna points which could be redeemed later.
  3. –You get referral money when you introduce your friends to Lynda for the membership program.

Refer and earn sites in Banking and Trading

1.ICICI Bank – When you promote their bank products like pockets to your friends and family you will be rewarded. Anyone can join and reap the benefits you need not have ICICI bank account.

2.Citibank    –  This referral program is exclusively for Citibank users or you can create an account and start referring. When you refer Citi credit cards to your circle you will be rewarded Rs.2000/- directly into your Citibank account its direct money, not points.

The maximum amount you can make is Rs.9999/- in a financial year (April – march)

3.Angel Broking – Whenever you bring new signups and they do trading, you will be rewarded.

4.Asnani – You will be paid 10% brokerage generated from your referrals. Even you can refer a family member with same address of yours.

5.ZeroShulk – This is one of the lucrative deals. You get 20% of the brokerage generated each time a trade is done. For example, if your referral pays Rs.999/- you get Rs.198/-. Maximum up to 50% you can earn.

6.Coinbase – Coinbase is a popular platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. Get $10 bonus for signing up and $10 more when you refer a friend.

7. Wealthsimple – Wealthsimple is a robo-investment service to invest your money in low cost index funds. This service is currently available only in US, UK and Canada. You will receive $50 sign-up bonus or $10,000 wealth managed for free. You will get $10,000 managed for free every time you refer someone.

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Cashback and deals  refer and earn sites

1.CashKaro – You can make more here. When your referral makes Rs.5000/- cashback you will get Rs.500/-(10%) as a referral bonus.

By referring more friends, you could generate a decent income from this program.

Payment apps refer and earn

1. RozDhan – Rozdhan is one of the best-earning apps in the play store. You will also find interesting content in this app. There are various ways to earn money. You can refer your friends to this app.

Also, you can earn money by sharing and reading articles. If you love playing mobile games, then you are going to love this app. They are also paying money for playing games.

You can get Rs. 50 bonus for joining this app. They are paying Rs. 50 per refer. You will also earn money if your friends are inviting their friends.

2. PhonePe – PhonePe is the most famous UPI payment apps in India. They are also using the UPI system for making payments. You can pay your bills by using this app. Also, you can send money to your friends and family.

If you are looking for a secure way to send money, then PhonePe is perfect for you. They are also paying Rs. 100 per referral. Thus, you can earn money by inviting your friends. 

3. TaskBucks – If you want to earn some quick bucks, then this app is perfect for you. TaskBucks support both iOS and Android systems. You can use this app for mobile recharges and bill payments. There are various tasks available in this app. You can earn money by completing these tasks. Some of the tasks are:

  • Downloading apps in your device.
  • Invite friends and earn money.

They are paying Rs. 25 per referral. Thus, you can earn money by inviting your friends.

4. Earn Talktime – Earn Talktime is one of the best apps for earning Talktime. There are various tasks available in the app. You can either download some apps on your device. There are also surveys available on this app.

You can earn by filling these services. They are also paying up to Rs. 175 per referral. You can use the ETT balance for buying shopping vouchers, DTH recharge, and bill payment.

5. mCent Browser – If you want to earn money while browsing, then this app is perfect for you. It is similar to other browsers like UC, Firefox and Chrome. You can recharge your Talktime and data from this browser.

There are various ways to earn rewards in this browser. First, you should register your new account. You can earn money by visiting your favorite sites. Also, they will pay you money for reading the latest news. They are also paying Rs. 40 per referral. 

6. Mobile Premier League (MPL) – MPL is the most famous live gaming app in India. You can participate in tournaments by paying cash or MPL tokens. If you want to try your luck, then you can try the spin and earn method.

You can use the cash earned from the spinning in playing games. They are paying Rs. 75 per referral. Thus, you can earn money by inviting your friends. You can use this money for participating in games. If you don’t want to participate in games, then you can directly redeem your money. 

7. Dream 11 – Dream 11 is another very famous cricket betting app. You can create your own team in this app. They will even allow you to select your vice-captain and captain.

If your players are playing well, then you will get a good rank. Thus, you will get more money. However, you need money for playing in the tournament.

You can also bet on Football and Kabaddi matches. You will get Rs. 100 as a bonus. Also, you can earn up to Rs. 195 per referral. 

8. Qureka – Qureka is a live quiz app. You need to answer at least 10 questions correctly out of 11 questions. The prize money will be announced before the starting of the quiz.

This money will be shared among all the winners. This is a good way to earn some quick cash. However, you can also earn money by inviting your friends. You will get Rs. 15 per referral.

They will also pay you 50% of your friend’s earning. For example, if your friend has earned Rs. 1000, then you will get Rs. 500. Thus, it is one of the best apps to earn money. 


9. CashBoss – CashBoss is another very famous free recharge app. You can win free recharge by sharing this app with your friends. If you want to try your luck, then you can spin the lucky wheel.

You can win up to Rs. 20 per spin. There are various daily competitions available on this site. They are currently paying Rs. 15 per referral.

10. Dreamsuoq – Dreamsuoq is a shopping application. It was developed by the Dubai Founders. The startup is heavily funded by Dubai investors. Thus, Dreamsuoq is creating a referral promotion. You can get a lot of products for free. All you need to do is refer this app to your friends. The app will give you Rs. 25 for every referral. You can use this cash for shopping on the app.

11. Google Pay – Google Pay is a payment app created by Google. You can use it for sending money to friends and merchants. Also, you can receive instant payments to your bank account. It is one of the best UPI apps. You can earn up to Rs. 9000 by sharing your referral code with your friends. They are currently paying Rs. 201 for every referral. However, you will only receive this money if your friend makes a UPI transaction.

You will receive Rs. 201 even if your friend makes a UPI transaction of Rs. 1. Your friend will also get free cashback. This cashback will be directly transferred to your bank account. Google Pay is also giving scratch cards to its users. You will get this scratch card after sending Rs. 150 to other Google play users. The prize money will depend on your luck. However, you can earn up to Rs. 1000 by scratching one card.

12. Amazon Pay UPI – Amazon UPI is also offering up to Rs. 31 per referral. You will get this money after your friend creates their Amazon UPI account and make a transaction of more than Rs. 250.

There is no earning limit on this app. Thus, you can make unlimited money from this app. All you need to do is refer your friends to this app. You will get Rs. 31 for every referral. Your friend will also get Rs. 50 bonus. 

13. Helo App Helo is currently giving up to Rs. 350 per successful referral. You can transfer this money to your Paytm wallet. They are also offering Rs. 50 sign up bonus. You and your friends will get Rs. 50 just for installing this app. If you want to earn more money, then you can refer this app to your friends. You will earn up to Rs. 350 for every referral.0

14. VClip App – VClip App is a simple video-sharing app. It is very similar to Tiktok. You can earn money by sharing photos and videos. Also, you can earn money by seeing other posts. There is a lot of content available on this app. Thus, you will never get bored. They are currently giving Rs. 300 as a signup bonus. You will also get Rs. 25 for every successful referral.  

E-commerce Refer and Earn sites 2023

1.Amazon – You get Rs.200/- for each friend who signs up at and makes a purchase of Rs.300/- Your friend also get Rs.100(Copyright: Amazon)

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2. Flipkart – When each referral makes a purchase for Rs.1000/- from Flipkart app yu will get Rs.200/-.But they must apply your code on Installation.

3. Refer and earn Snapdeal – You get Rs.200/- and your friends will get Rs.100/- in your Freecharge account when they make a first purchase on Snapdeal.

4. Shopclues–  When three of your friends download Shopclues app using your referral code you will get Rs.100/- worth voucher.

5. HealthKart – When your referred friend makes a purchase on Healthkart you both receive a coupon worth Rs.250/- which can be used for your next purchase.

6. Netmeds – You get Rs.100/- worth gift voucher when your referee makes the first purchase.

7. Lenskart –  When your referred friend signs up he/she get Rs.500/- worth Lenskart gift voucher and when they make their first purchase you get Rs.500/- worth Paytm voucher.

8. BigBasket – You both get Rs.100/- money in Big Basket wallet when your referee makes a purchase of Rs.500/- at a big basket.

9. Redbus – The online bus ticket booking platform Enjoy ₹100 for every successful referral to redBus. The more successful referrals you have, the more you get rewarded.

On the redBus app go to, My Account, then Refer & Earn and simply share the link through your choice of messaging or email apps.

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Online Games refer and earn programs

1.Ace2three – If your referee buys 200 real chips from this online rummy platform then you would be rewarded Rs.1000/- for sure.

2.ClassicRummy – On your friend’s first deposit 1000 bonus will be credited to your account. Thereafter for every 500 wagered by your friend 300 bonus will be released to your account.

3.TajRummy – You will receive 100% on your friend’s first deposit.

4.JungleeRummy – Whenever you refer your friend you get RS.1000/- and your friends get Rs.1000/- If you refer 5 friends you get Rs.5000/-

5. BigCash – If you are looking for a gaming app, then BigCash is perfect for you. They are also giving Rs. 10 for playing games on their apps. You can also earn money by referring your friends to this app.

The best thing about BigCash is that you can redeem your earnings to your PayTM Wallet. Thus, you can ultimately get money in your bank account. They are currently giving Rs. 15 per successful referral. If you have a lot of friends, then you can refer this app to them. 

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Hosting and domains refer and earn

1.BigRock – Your referee needs to use your coupon code while they purchase a domain on BigRock. Your own domain is your coupon code so you need to have a domain (best suitable for bloggers).

For every three friends who use your coupon, you will get a one-year renewal for your domain.

2.Hosting Raja – When he makes a purchase you get Flat 30% off on your next purchase and for every new customer addition you get Rs.5000/-.

Payment apps refer and earn

  1. Mobikwik – When your referee adds Rs.100/- in this wallet you get Rs.75/- and your friend gets Rs.50/- as e-cash. You can earn maximum of Rs.15000/- and can use the reward money to shop anywhere online.
  2. GooglePay – The most popular and trusted payments app Googlepay will pay you anywhere between Rs. 50/- to Rs. 299/- for referring your friends. The referal amount is changed and depends on various factors like festive season, market competition etc. You can also earn lucky rewards for transferring money to your friends.

Travel and Hospitality refer and earn

1.Goibio – Your referee earns 3000/- gocash and you get 1000 gocash on installing Goibibo mobile app. By Linking your phonebook on the app each time when your contacts book on Goibibo you get 50 gocash.

You can use gocash for bookings without any restriction.

2.MakeMyTrip – You get Rs.600/- when your friend downloads the app and Rs.800/- when he books with makemytrip. You can earn upto Rs.7000/-

3.FindMystay – Here you can earn upto Rs.1Lakh but not hard cash but could be redeemed in your next booking with findmystay.

When your referee downloads the app and registers both of you get Rs.300/- in your account.

4.OyoRooms – Your friend gets Rs.1000/- OYO money on successful app installation and you get Rs.200/- oyo money. When he books a hotel through the app you will be rewarded Rs.800/- oyo money.

5.ClearTrip – Refer a friend by sharing your referral code. Earn for every first booking your referrals complete.

When your friend installs and sign-ups they receive a coupon code worth Rs.2000/- for their first booking. You get Rs.1000/- cashback on travel.

6.Goibibo – By inviting your friends to download Goibibo app you get 1000gocash your friend gets 3000gocash which can be used to book flights, hotels, bus, and cars.Unlike other refer and earn sites by linking your phonebook contacts with

Unlike other refer and earn sites by linking your phonebook contacts with an app you get 50gocash whenever your contacts book the service.

Refer your friends for the jobs and make money on job portals


This is very simple.Create an account on finds the list of job opening posted by different companies.Either you can apply for the openings or refer your friends.

On successful closing of the openings, you will be paid a decent commission depends on the job you refer.The best part is for some openings you will be paid after the interview stage itself.

There is a potential to make some real money from this website.


This is similar to myrefers, you will be paid on successful closing of the job by refering your contacts.

The commission paid here for the closing is better than myrefers.

3. SurveySavvy – The popular survery website SurveySavvy pays you for submitting the surveys as well as for refering your friends. You can earn money in 3 ways from this website.
1. You get paid when you complete the surveys
2. You get paid when your friends (direct referals) completes the surveys
3. You get paid when your friend’s friends (indirect referals) completes the surveys

Refer and Earn Websites 2023

  1. Cred

Cred is the most famous credit card payment app in India. It provides you offers and cashback for paying the credit card bills. You are already paying your credit card bills. Cred will offer you cash back for paying your credit card bill through the app. The User interface of this app is very clean. It will automatically collect your payment history and statement.

You can access all your credit card details from the cred app. Cred app also has a referral program. You can earn up to Rs. 1000 in cashback by referring your friends. However, both you and your friend should have a credit card. You can use your parent’s credit card for creating your id.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website where you can earn money by completing online surveys. It also pays you for searching on the web. You can also participate in the Swagbuck pools for earning money. There is an SB Answer app where you can complete surveys and earn money.

You can also earn referral money from this app. Swagbucks will pay you 10% earnings of your referral for a lifetime. Thus, you can earn good money from this app as there is no upper limit on referral income.

3. Bulb Smash Game

You can earn money by playing this game. This game is very similar to the angry birds game. You don’t need to worry about any initial investment. All you need to do is play this game.

This game also has a referral program. You can earn up to Rs. 69 for every referral. Bulb Smash Game will pay you Rs. 19 for every referral. They will also pay you Rs. 50 extra if your friend buys Rs. 20 booster in their game.

4. Pocket Money

You can earn Paytm Cash by doing small tasks in this application. This app also has a referral program. You can earn Rs. 5 per referral. This app will also give you Rs. 5 every time your friend makes Rs. 40 in this app. Thus, you can earn a good amount of money with this app.

5. Frizza

Frizza App is also offering free Paytm cash to its users. You can earn money by downloading other apps. Also, you can earn a lot of money by watching videos on this app. The minimum withdrawal is capped at Rs. 30. You will also earn Rs. 5 for every referral.

6. Zupee Gold

Zupee Gold is an online quiz app where you can earn money. There is nothing to lose in this app as even the last person will get some money. However, you should aim for higher ranks. Zupee Gold also has a referral program. You can earn Rs. 10 per referral on this app. Thus, you can earn money by referring your friends.

Refer your friends to Spini

Spini is a lead generation platform for real estate, insurance, loans, and interiors.

If you know anyone has the need of property you can post their name and contact number. Spini team will review your lead and if it is found to be genuine and relevant.You will get Rs.100/- for every successful lead you bring.


Refer and earn is as best as affiliate programs where you can make accountable money by investing your effort.

It’s not only bloggers anyone can make money. Just open your mobile starts with the contacts you saved in your mobile. Then move to social media to help your friends find better service or product.

Everything is possible with efforts.

If I have missed any popular lucrative programs please comment down I will add it. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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