How to get more repins and followers on Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the effective platforms to drive more traffic or sales to your business .Getting followers and repins are no more a big task for bloggers and sellers. Pinterest got more women than men if you are writing about travel,fashion, and food then you got more potential here than any other platforms not only local traffic but also brings international traffic so before you increase followers make sure you are ready to show your blog or sell your product to international users.

How to get more repins and followers on Pinterest?
1.Follow others

Unless you are a stardom or popular business people won’t follow you by default. All you have to do is to make them know that you are using Pinterest and pinning stuff from an interesting website on your boards for that you need to follow pinners.

You can search for the boards related to your and start following the followers of the respective popular boards. If you are really posting related stuff surely you get some follow backs.

For example This board got 100+k followers , you can follow these followers to get follow back


I followed 300 pinners in a day and  earned 30 followers. Keep on following new pinners related to your domain everyday you could get a big number of followers in a month.

2.Invite your friends

Invite all your contacts right from Facebook to your mail accounts. You can also do cross-promotion in other platforms for your board or for your pins to invite your friends to follow or repin your posts.

Tell them why they need to follow you how it can help them .Pitching a post in two or three lines is very important to attract more followers.

3.Pin more

If you are an owner of the board “Make money online” pin more posts from the different websites. Increasing the number of pins will increase the followers and engagements because they got something to do with the board.

4.Use attractive images

Pinterest is all about images .I was using simple copyright free images from google for my posts later I changed the way of selecting images to increase engagements. Spend some time to create your own image for your blog post.

Learning the three to four features of Photoshop is good enough to create your image. Just download the copyrights free images and then make some changes with your blog title and domain name on the images. Since images advocate for your posts on Pinterest, it is very important to have the post title on your image.

Vertically large and beautiful image suits more on Pinterest and attracts more attentions rather than horizontal and smaller one.

Picmonkey is an easy online tool to create your very own image with fewer hassles.

5.Add features on your site

Create an option for your visitors to pin your posts on Pinterest either by adding Pinterest plugin or by adding social sharing plugins like “AddtoAny”.

6.Request pinners

You can request pinners to repin your posts in your description or add a line in your blog post to pin it.

For example, you can add a line at the bottom of your post like this “If you find this interesting please pin it on Pinterest” or

You can create an image to request pinners to pin your post on Pinterest like this.

Please pin this
7.Contribute to Group boards

Group boards are one of the effective ways to increase repins and followers. Find a group boards for your niche and request the owner to add you then start pinning .You will really come to know the effectiveness of group boards once you started contributing.

8.Analyze the pins

Check your analytical data daily to analyze how many repins, impressions, clicks and likes. Repin the post that got more repins and find the best time for pinning by trial and error method with the help of data.

9.Content matters

Though the title and images look attractive if the content is not worth sharing then pinners won’t show interest to repin so make sure you are sharing interesting content.

If you know few other ways please comment down I try to make the list big.

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