How to get more repins on old post?

Pinterest is one of the effective platforms for bloggers and businesses to drive a tremendous amount of traffic. If you are already using Pinterest by this time you would have known about this but still few bloggers are searching traffic outside Pinterest. You know how to get more pins on your fresh content but do you know how to get more repins on old post. Getting more repins on old post is not a difficult one but need to think out of the box.

I am sharing my very own observation on how to get more repins on an old post.

I am sure at the end of the reading you will log in to your account and implement this DIY trick.

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How to get more repins on old post?

1.Repin it

Don’t pin the post only once in your lifetime.

You have spent your valuable time to create this wonderful post but why don’t you spend more time on marketing your idea.

Always spend more time on marketing your post than creating the content.

Imagine every post as a book written by you, don’t you spend the time to market your book?

Don’t write the post, pin it once and abandon.

Set a target for you to bring at least 1k views on your post and then think of writing the second post.

I have my very own target and I am spending nearly 10 hours to market my single post then I think of writing the next one.

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There is no point in lamenting that I am getting very few readers, the mistake is ours being publishers we should try our maximum to reach the potential readers.

Like retweeting the old content we can also repin the old content that performed well in the past.

Give more importance to the post that didn’t perform well and focus on getting more repins on the specific old post.

There is nothing wrong in repining the old post but don’t overdo it,give a time gap like once in two days or in a week but never forget to enjoy repinning.

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2.Start a new board

You can start a specific board and repin the content there.

For example, I am having a board for Making money online and I was pinning both marketing ideas to make money and Money making ideas  on the same board later I extracted few old posts and started a new board Learn Digital Marketing.

As I guessed I got few repins on my old posts.

Analyze your pins,if possible start a new board .

3.Use two images to get more repins on old post

You know it very well image matters on Pinterest, it is the image which forces the pinners to repin the post before they dive into the content.

But I am saying why don’t we use two images in the same post like I did here.

Use both images to pin your post on different boards at a different time it will definitely help you to increase your post views.

It’s like one stone two mangoes, you need two different images for one post.

Yes, it takes some time to create two images but worth trying since images speak for your post before they read.

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4.Replace the old image

Why don’t we try this

You know Google like fresh contents over old contents. By doing this one it boosts your SEO Rank and increase repins.

Why don’t we replace the old image with a new image and repin it on boards? I tried this seriously it’s working.

So now you can get more repins on an old post, isn’t it?

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