Earn Money from Quora in 2023 – Explained with Proofs

The title “how to earn money from quora in 2023” will never fail to excite the quorans – both readers and writers. Quora is undoubtedly an ocean of knowledge.

To avoid the full-time stressful job half of the young office goer’s community is exploring possible ways to make money either through freelancing or through passive income building. I shall explain you on how to use the knowledge ocean to earn money in your part time while contributing to it in 2023.

Freelancing requires your physical presence and consume more time. The time you spend is directly proportional to the money you make.

Whereas in passive income you will generate income while you sleep, dance, eat or whatever you are, of course, this also need your time but its one-time investment and sustainable income.

When it comes to passive income, there are two tested platforms – stock market and online money making methods (there are many) and now cryptocurrency joins the list.

I suggest you to gain some knowledge on the stock market and start investing as early as possible. Believe me, it is the one wise investment that is required to make your life upside down.

The same goes for online money making. There are hundreds of ways to make money online right from data entry, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, blogging and so on but nothing is immediate. You need to be patient and consistent but surely you will pass through.

Consistency is the basic skill all the online money making seekers lack. It is the primary skill which differentiates successful from unsuccessful. Be consistent in whatever you do and you will realize the result.

Here in this post “How to make money from Quora”, I am going to tell you two ways – one is an old famous approach most online marketers use and second one is something new. I Love the second approach.

Before you read further, please remember that the main intention behind Quora platform is to share knowledge and ideas with field experts. Please do not misuse or over-use the below methods just for making money.

Earn Money from Quora Method 1 :

It’s a traditional and widely discussed method on the internet.

But here I will tell you how to use this on Quora that worked for me and make it work for you.

In any marketing either affiliate or direct marketing if the buyer believes the product or seller then selling process is simply easy. If you can sell a product easily then nobody can stop you from becoming rich.

That’s the reason why all the self-made billionaires are suggesting their followers learn the art of selling.

Quora is the right platform where you can monetize the trust. Readers upvote the answer because they found it useful and believed in what you said.

Each upvoter is your potential customer. If you are getting 100 upvotes for an answer then you got hundred potential customers but What are you going to sell?How are you going to make money from Quora?

Affiliate marketing is the solution.

But don’t stop here continue reading…

Don’t go to Amazon immediately and start including high commission products on each answer. Read 3 Simple ways to get free Amazon Gift Cards

Selling right products to the right customer is also the important technique to become a successful salesperson.

Quora is a knowledge transfer or knowledge sharing platform of diverse people from different countries, subjects, and experiences but the one point that connects all is the thirst of knowledge and aggressive reading.

Hope you got my point isn’t?

Books are the right products that suit all audience in all context. You can simply include Amazon affiliate link to any particular book that matches with the context of your answer.

The link you are adding should be like a native advertisement (in the flow of content) not like the promotional content.

For example, I wrote an answer with an affiliate link.

The line “read this book to get out of rate race” is the affiliate link to the book Rich dad and Poor dad. Though this particular answer gained very minimal upvotes it generated a traffic of 500+ to Amazon and sold three products in less than 10 days.

This is the right and proven technique to make money from Quora.

But the challenge here is readers won’t upvote all the answers and make you popular it is your creative writing skill and profound knowledge in a subject that attracts more upvotes.

We need to be more knowledgeable than readers to tell what they have not heard. A single answer with 1k+ upvotes will surely generate you hundreds of sales.

But don’t overdo this in all answers use it wisely. Happy writing and earning.

Make Money from Quora Method 2 :

Do you know that Quora pays you for asking questions? Yes, you read it right. You don’t need to do a lot of research and answer the questions. “Quora Partner Program” has been launched to pay the Quorans who ask good questions which would help make their platform a better place to educate people.

Not everyone can join this program directly. Quora sends invitations to people who are already contributing in a minimum decent way. I have received an email like this.

There are 3 simple steps to make money from Quora Partner Program.

  1. Ask Questions : Ask questions which others are also interested in. It could be on a latest trending topic or an evergreen question that would really help people to learn about.
  2. Help Questions Get Answers : Invite the qualified writers on Quora to answer your questions.
  3. Get Paid :  The more quality answers you get and more popularity the more you get paid. The payment depends on multiple factors like topic popularity, commercial value of topic, number of views of all answers, number of upvotes etc

Make Money from Quora Partner Program – Proof of Income :

Do you think you will get only peanuts for just asking questions on Quora? See the below screenshot on how much people are really making. Let us analyze some more fascinating statistics of last 6 months on how much people earn and the patterns.

  1. The top earning partner has earned $26,897, has asked 8,000 questions – an average of 45 questions per day.
  2. The top 10 earning partners earned an average of $9,189, asked 11,256 questions each, at an average of 61 questions per day
  3. If you asked 100 questions in July 2018, you would have earned $85 on those questions by December 2018.
  4. Also, if you had asked 100 questions in July 2018 with 50% of the answers coming from external sources, then you would have earned $400 on those questions by December 2018.
  5. The top earning partner in November 2018 earned $5344.

I have been a popular writer on Quora with more than half million views to my answers and making good money as well by Quora Partner Program. If you have any questions please feel free to post them below. I will clarify them.

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