9 Blog idea generators for bloggers

You and I got the passion for writing we publish post continuously for a month on selected niche and there comes the empty space for topics. Mostly we visit other blogs from the same niche to get ideas to continue but there are some online portals and apps are helping writers to generate ideas in their niche all you have to do is to enter the subject you are interested in. Here I am writing down 9 blog idea generators for bloggers.

1.The Blog Post ideas generator

This comes as a chrome app you can easily install it in your browser else you can generate ideas by visiting their site. Blog post idea generator updating new ideas constantly so you won’t get repeated suggestions for your subject.

A simply designed easy to use portal comes with blogging tips to help the bloggers in all means.

2.Content Idea Generator

All you have to do is to signup first and answer the simple 18 questions about your product, service or subject then Content idea generator do the rest choose the one you like to write.


By telling your subject and selecting a describing keyword this will generate few ideas on your subject but you can get all the ideas in your mail by subscribing to SEOPressor.


Not simply suggesting you the topics for your subject but also justifies each and every word to build a quality audience. Portent also suggests you three points on the topic for better results. An easy to use attractive site.


Another fantastic tool to know how many shares the suggested topics for your subject got in social Medias along with Google Trends graph but to unlock the feature you need to pay contentideator $29/month.

6.Hubspot’s Blog topic generator

By entering three nouns related to your niche Hubspot generates 5 quick ideas but to get more ideas you need to submit your blog or business details along with your mail id.

7.Inbound now

Inbound now gives you ready-made ideas with a blank where you can fill up your keywords.

  • For example 25 [Blank] Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for [Blank]

You can fill the blank with your subjects and it becomes complete.


Buzzsumo is the fantastic online tool for bloggers to find the topics along with the number of shares they had in social Medias. It got various options right from filtering videos, interviews, articles and guest post.

You can also export the data to your excel, can create an alert for your specific keyword, can filter out the topics by date, can do content analysis and lots more.

A must try online tool for bloggers.

9.Content Row

Content Row is a simple and easy to access site gives you loads of topics within a second.

Get the linkbait topic and put your knowledge and creativity to bring out a useful article for your readers.

Please kindly share your suggestions on blog idea generators.

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