How to become a successful blogger?

Blog writing is not a easy one but a plausible one .Do blogging only if you have patience .People nowadays know blogging is the big industry in this digital marketing scenario there is a great chance of getting unimaginable income from blogging though all the bloggers know this all of them are not making that much money some people are not even getting accountable views for their effort.

There are two kinds of bloggers one who wants to share their personal stories so this kind of people write out of their passion but the second kind of people looking to earn money from blogging .It’s not a single post which is going to make you rich but without single post you cannot start a blog.

I am jotting down few tips on how to become a successful blogger.

  1. Make sure you have time to blog amidst your busy schedule starting a blog is not a great deal but maintaining it needs effort.
  2. Choose a specific niche all the top content websites like focus on wide area and the competition is big being an individual blogger better to choose focused area like did.
  3. Write a quality content make sure you will read your post more than once .Don’t post contents because you have to, take your time to write a good quality content in your niche .Don’t write plain texts use statistical information and relevant images to highlight your post. You can get free images from .
  4. Maintain consistency need not to post daily but if you are posting once in a week don’t forget to post on the same day in the next week also.
  5. Add subscribers button to add subscribers to your blog so that you can use their mail id to send mail regarding your post .You can use Mailchimp for your email marketing upto 2000 users it is free more than 2000 you have to pay some . Mailchimp gives you statistical report on which you can work on.
  6. Read more about your domain and get to know hooks and corner of it you should be the master in it so update your brain content before your post.
  7. Don’t look for immediate result if you are looking for making money out of your blog it is possible but not immediate. Be patient ,first work on to increase the visitors to your website and try to increase the engagements with your post like comments, sharing and liking your post.Write a reply to reader comments.
  8. Better to have your own domain avoid going for blogger or Wordpres extension.
  9. If you don’t know how to build a website it is easy to learn wordpress in one day if you are passionate, watch a professional Youtube channel and start your own blog. SEO optimization can also be done by Yoast plugin in WordPress.
  10. Invite guest bloggers to write in your blog in their niche you can complement them by providing link to their site and few lines about their blog and blogger.

Socialtalky also welcomes guest bloggers to contribute in their niche. We provide a link to your blog and then five lines about you and your blog.

Please add some more points in the comment section on how to become successful blogger.

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