Lessons we should learn from Thala Ajith

Thala Ajith making headlines for his self-confidence, boldness, and humbleness in Tamilnadu. He was listed by Forbes in India’s Top 100 celebrities for the year 2014.Popularly known as Thala in South India-born in Secunderabad started his film career in supporting roles in 1990 later got opportunities to become the protagonist in Tamil cinemas. This gentleman is not only acting but also teaching us some lessons to come up in life.

1.keep your passion live

He was passionate about racing at the age of 18 but it is costlier to follow up his dreams so to support his passion he worked as an apprentice, did press ads and small TV commercial advertisements. When the chains were worn out his friends helped him to buy a new one and helped him with tyres to pursue his passion. He had chosen film as a career to earn and support his passion for racing.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing now but keep both eyes on your passion, if you are not satisfied with your job don’t lament earn money from your job for two years save some money and invest it in your passion, the job you are working is not the destined one but your passion is final.

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2.Be bold     

He is not only famous for his name or acting but also being confident and bold.He made a bold statement in front of then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu that goons are forcing him to attend the public meeting in which he was not interested .It was well received by fellow actors Rajinikanth and Kamal Hassan.

One day we are going to die to be bold and die as a warrior don’t hide or be a coward in facing your problem be bold and face it don’t run away .Third persons are nothing to you, don’t fear for them if you are right in your decision and sayings. There are people in office though their boss sounds wrong  they support them its fear of losing a job.

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3.Be simple

It’s not only his boldness but also his simplicity despite a star. He went to school for his daughter’s admission and stood in a queue to cast a vote. His respect and support for his co-stars and low-level labours in movie set are widely spoken.

But nowadays we need not be a star to disrespect others if we own a car then we start showing our attitude right from waiter to security in the gate. We never lose anything if we respect people irrespective of their professions.

These are the three important lesson we extracted from his life story if you feel we missed many please comment down below we will add it up.

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