Lessons we should learn from Divya Dharshini

Divya Dharshini better known by her stage name DD is not only the most famous VJ but also talented started her career at the age of 14 and still continuing with the same enthusiasm and spirit. This one of the highest paid anchors in Tamilnadu not only learned many things but also teaching us some lessons.

1.It’s not only boys

Her father demised in her early stage he has two siblings ,elder sister Priyadharshini and a younger brother who wants to pursue career in airlines.DD started her career in her early 14 from then she started supporting her family and made her brother as pilot from her earnings.

Boys are portrayed in this society as family care taker and they have to sacrifice their desires for the sake of family and there is a famous saying

You need not to be Buddha to control your desires being an elder brother in a middle class family is enough

But she proved there is no gender difference in that it’s all about the situation which shows you how strong you are.

2.Accept and learn from it

She was very excited while hosting Vijay Tv awards she didn’t allow her co-anchor Gopinath much to speak and she sounded louder so she got trolled by social media users very roughly and some said in low voice. She thanked them for their feedback and apologized the channel and her family ensured she will work on it.

If you feel the mistake is yours don’t defend just accept it,take it in positive spirit and try to improve on the feedback.

3.Beginning is always difficult

She started her career when she was studying in school she found hard to manage with two important things at a time .Education is important for everyone that too school education and her golden opportunity made her restless she fought hard to come up now she is enjoying the fruit.

Don’t give up in the beginning itself it’s always difficult to initiate but keep on working be adamant on what you want you will definitely get what you dreamt.

If you are learning some more lessons from Divya Dharshini please comment down below we will add it up.

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