Why you should not join Startup jobs?

Though startup jobs sound sexier these days the real effort to bring a complete business from scratch needs effort from all levels right from middle level managers to bottom level. Everyone needs to put effort to make a business successful .It is not easy to start your career in early stage startups here I am listing out why you should not join startup jobs? This version is purely from my very own experience.

1.No holiday

Yes you won’t feel the difference between weekdays and weekends not even you get holiday on Sunday. All the seven days you have to work with your team even they tell you to celebrate Diwali or Christmas with team not with your family I mean no holidays for festivals also.

2.Over time

It’s not a 9-6 job, there are startups working from 9-12 or even till 2 in the morning. You have to work continuously can’t tell your boss that you will leave early.

A Bangalore based startup launched their campaign for two days so they made their people to work continuously till 6 in the morning and it continues for the next day.

Another startup made their people to work 100 hours continuously to build their new product.

3.Low package

If you put this much efforts in an established business you get salary more than you need but in startups you get less package in 20’s but you have to work a lot.

You can be a B.E graduate or MBA graduate your pay will be less can’t expect hikes immediately .You need to wait for a long time.

I got a call from a Bangalore based startups to join their business in sales and marketing but they won’t pay me I have to work for six months free once they get fund they will start paying me.You may have to go through situations like this.

You can’t expect perks from a bootstrapped business.
4.No commitments

You cannot commit yourself to anything, you can’t find time to spend with your family or with your friends.

You cannot expect salary on time, financial commitments are also difficult in startups mostly they pay you on 7th or in second week. You have to wait for your salary. There are some startups with three months arrears also.

5.It may fail

Everyone in your business wants to become successful but more than 90% of startups fail because of many reasons .Think of the situation like this you are working for one year continuously for low salary and if it couldn’t turn up then ??

Please comment down why you should not join startup jobs?

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