5 Ways to make money from Old Newspapers

As per World Association of Newspapers and News publishers, India stands first in newspaper sales followed by China, Japan, United States and Germany.

Increased literacy is one reason for the rise of increased newspaper sales in India. Times of India is the widely circulated newspaper among all.

People are fond of reading newspapers amidst growing online news curating websites.

Readers who buy newspapers regularly cannot store it all in their house they need to simply dump it or to find better ways.

To make best out of old newspapers here we are listing 5 different ways to make money from old newspapers.

1. Sell old newspapers online

You can sell your old newspaper online to recycle it to make good money online.

It is difficult to find newspaper collectors in cities to collect your old newspapers so some techies found a solution to sell old newspapers online with them in online, representatives will collect your newspapers and pay you in hard cash in return.

Simple steps to sell old newspapers online

1.Book a slot on the website., representatives will collect your newspapers and pay you in hard cash in return.

2.Representatives will collect and estimate the price for your old newspapers.

3.Mostly they pay you in hard cash.

Kuppathotti.com, Greenobin, paperman are start-ups ready to collect your newspaper at your doorstep and pay you in return.

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2. Sell it to local stores

Grocery stores, vegetable shops or tea shops near your house are looking for newspapers to fold the groceries so you can approach them with your papers and sell it for some reasonable amount.

3. Sell it to students

It is not useful for you because it was past but students who are all preparing for civil service exams or other competitive exams may need information or selective columns from old newspapers so you can make an ad in social Medias and sell it to students who are in need of it.

4. Create a newspaper bank

If you have a place you can create a newspaper bank where you can charge people who want to refer any important news from an old newspaper like in library but it needs a lot of work right from segregating to maintaining. But you can earn reasonable money from it since many of them don’t try it out.

5. Manufacture a newspaper bag

– One of the best ways to make money from old newspapers which are also eco-friendly

You can create a newspaper bag which is eco-friendly and sell it to the local shops with increased cost, due to value addition you can sell it for more cost and there is a chance of making it as your mainstream business. You can watch YouTube videos to create a simple paper bag

If you are not interested in creating a paper bag you can find the manufacturers and sell your old newspapers.

Do you feel you there are some more ways to earn from old newspapers? please comment down we will add it up.


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