CEG or CoEP ,which is the oldest institution In India ?

So far the world believes that CEG is the oldest institution in India but the recent standee from College of Engineering Pune paying way for the debate who is the oldest and first established institutions .When we dived into the findings its found its  not only the students and alumni from two colleges are contradicting but also the print Media there is lot of contradictions found during this study.

Here are two points CoEP standee speaks.

CoEP is the first in the country to have

1.Department of civil engineering establishes in 1908.

2.Mechanical engineering established in 1912

These are the two points to have the heated arguments in twitter when Amit Paranjape tweeted when he visited CoEP and posted the standee image.

Later which some of the CEG alumni’s had discussion with him over the issues but at the same he advocated for CoEP with some official links whatever he said is right but what went wrong which made people to think CoEP and Roorkee institution is the oldest.

As per people from Tamilnadu and Wikipedia CEG is the oldest one but for Central government and people from North CEG is third after Roorkee and CoEP lets analyse this.

First we see , How CEG is the first established school in India?

College of Engineering Guindy is first established as a school of survey in 1794 by British India as per the sources from Wikipedia. It is also confirmed by the official website of Anna University which holds four campuses and CEG is one among and the main campus  states CEG is established in 1794.

When Historian S.Muthiah addressed students as part of the Madras Day event he addresses CEG was the oldest technical institution outside Europe established in 1794 under the theme “Madras- its educational heritage” which was published by The Hindu.

Not only this CEG is one of the establishments that is made by British Government during 1794 and another one is Nalkand Palace – stated by Wikipedia.

There are hell lot of examples to say CEG is the oldest one but what made people to think on the another way that Roorkee is the oldest one.

Like CEG’s official website ,in Roorkee’s official website it is stated that Thomason college(Now Indian Institute of Roorkee) is the oldest engineering college established in 1847.

MHRD also supports Roorkee in their official website stating that “The first engineering college was established in Uttar Pradesh in 1847 for the training of civil engineering at Roorkee.MHRD also stating that College of Engineering Guindy established and affiliated to Madras University in 1858 but as per CEG it is affiliated to Madras University from 1862-1978 which is contradicting with MHRD. College of Engineering Pune stating they are established in 1854 and the third oldest Engineering Institute in Asia so as per the statements the order goes like this.

1.Indian Instiute of Roorkee         1847

2.College of Engineerin Pune        1854

3.College of Engineering Guindy   1858

When India today listed seven oldest institutions in India They made a list like this

1.Srerampore College (1818)

2.IIT Roorkee (1847)

3.University of Mumbai  (1857)

4.University of Madras (1858)

They didn’t list CEG in the list ,These resources are leading the people to believe that CEG is not the oldest one but others.

To contradicts above all statements, College of Engineering Celebrated its 219 year journey in The Hindu which is obvious it was established in 1794.CEG is one of the educational institutions established in 1790’s.

From above all proofs we can say that contradicting statements from the trustworthy sites and magazines leading the people to wrong side it is the duty of the government to make it clear to the world CEG is the first established institution in 1794 before srerampore in 1818.

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