In everyday conversation at least one time we use the word “Magilchi”(happy in English) but we never made it as WhatsApp status or appreciated like this before but when he said “Magilchi” it became a magical word which is making some magic in your thinking in your speaking the way you address others.

Rajini knows some magic to attract mass right from child to old but he didn’t learn it in a single day his life simply inspiring common man to work hard and get what you want .Here we are listing few important lessons we should learn from superstar Rajinikanth

1.Don’t follow others follow your heart

Right from his school days Superstar Rajinikanth was interested in acting and did many dramas in Ramakrishna Math and after schooling he worked as coolie, carpenter, and Conductor but when he came to know that Madras Film Institute offering acting course he wished to join and improve his acting but his family was not supportive of his decision but this gentleman knew that time itself he followed his passion with the help of his friend Raj Bahadur who motivated him and supported him financially.

When everyone joins engineering without thinking about our passion and interest we blindly join and make the four years ineffective .Remember one thing you cannot achieve anything in your life if you don’t follow in what you are interested. Just imagine if Rajini didn’t take that bold and risk decision that time.

It means you need not go against your parents go in love with your passion and dreams everything is on its way to reaching you.

2.Prepare yourself for your dream

When he performed a play he got noticed by Tamil film director K.Balachander he advised him to learn Tamil ,Yes Rajini is basically from Marathi family his parents thought him the Marathi language well but not Tamil so he has to work on it. Rajini took his word serious and put more efforts to master it .Obviously, he suffered and worked hard in past before pronouncing “Magilchi”.

We dream a lot but have you ever questioned yourself am I suitable for this? Graduates are simply blaming the college or Government for unemployment though it is one of the reasons they should groom themselves instead of searching job for one year, do two six months course in a year make your resume suitable for the job .Dreamers lament but not doers like Rajini.

3.Be humble and don’t stop working

Though he was popular and topped the industry then he visited temples before his every release and he continues it .Even without a story, his film can make a box office hit but still he believes it is God’s blessings.

Whatever the heights we reach be humble and believe time may bring you down anytime.

4.Give back

He announced that he would contribute 10 million to interlink Indian Rivers he met then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to gain support for this project. Naman Ramachandran, the author of “Rajnikanth”(Biography) made a statement Rajinikanth has given half of his income to charities but unpublicised.

It’s not only Rajinikanth almost all the successful people are philanthropists ,teaching us only one thing when you are growing to get from the society after you grown to give it back to the society.

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