How to make people to like, share or comment on your post?

You spent more time to create a content, to design and you found the right time to post it but if it goes unnoticed by your audience then all your efforts are unnoticed. Whether it is a business post or memes you need to follow few strategies to make people like and share your post. If you are a sound profile then you need not worry about engagements people likes brands but if you are an emerging piece then you need to put more effort than branded one. So here I am putting down.

1.Have two or more profiles

This helps you especially in twitter and bookmarking sites. Have you ever heard of social proofing?

For example, you will tend to like the post with more likes and shares than the post with zero like. Though you like the second one you don’t hit like because you go with the majority so to create this scenario you need to bring initial likes and shares from your side for that you need few accounts.

I used to get my friends Facebook accounts to accelerate engagements it worked actually. Either you can get your friends account or create multiple accounts to bring likes. So people will automatically engage with your post like hitting likes, commenting or retweeting.

You can also use your employees to bring initial engagements.

2.Write an engaging description

Don’t simply post a picture or link write an engaging description for the post. It should be like generating conversation for example “if you are contradicting with my views on how to make people to like, share and comment on your post. Please comment down I try to answer my level best”.

This may induce your follower to get engage with your post. You need to write an effective two line pitch for every post.

3.Give them some

You can announce a contest like “get eligible for trial or free version by increasing your engagements with our post” this can make your post viral. This one helps you to reach millions in LinkedIn.

If you give them something they are ready to promote you but not for free.

4.Tag it with trending topic

You can use trending tag for your post to get more engagements but it should opt the content. For example, you may be having 100 posts in your company blog analyse the trending topics daily and if you find any topic matches with the trending keyword then immediately make a post with the trending keyword.

For example, I wrote an article about Kollywood actor Vikram “Lessons we should learn from Vikram “  two months back, but a few days back  I found his name is trending on twitter immediately I posted the link with his name #Vikram as I guessed I got few retweets and likes but don’t overdo this.

Not only in twitter, you can match your content with any of the trending topics in any platforms.

5.Tag your friends

You can tag your friends or employees who are all active in social platforms to get more engagements. Definitely, they will share or like your post it helps you to reach more people.

These five things will make people engage with your updates.

If you know other effective ways please comment down, we can make the list big.

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