Bizy Dale Nets one stop solution for startups

India is the youngest startup nation with 72% founders less than 32 years and in third position globally with the number of startups crossing 4,200-Nasscom reported. Satyajeet found there is a huge market in this segment so he found Bizy Dale Nets a one stop solution for startups offering all services that startups need and helping them to improve their profits.ST had a small session with the founder over mail and he replied the questions smartly.

What is Bizy Dale Nets?

Bizy Dale Nets (registered as Bizy Dale Networking Services PVT Ltd.) is a business value focused IT product and Services Company located in Bangalore, India. It is a one stop solution center for start-ups offering all services that a start-up needs and help them improve their profits and grow.

Our mission is to build solutions for complex business processes and become the pioneer in technology.

Our out of the box product “Bizy Dale ( ” helps businesses in improving their operational efficiency and work as an elevator to their business success! Bizy Dale Nets have a team of technology experts with a huge experience.

How you found this opportunity?

I am a start-up specialist and have worked in starts throughout my career, let it be the start of new processes or start of a new venture. Hence I understand the challenges that a start faces. At the same time, I was aware that although there are many solutions already available to many challenges, however, they are either not simple as they say it to be or they cost a bomb. Additionally, there are still many solutions that this world needs and to make this happen, one fine day while relaxing in my living room, I decided to start a solution center for businesses and world.

In what way Bizy Dale Nets different from your competitors?

We are different from our competitors in a way that we compete only with ourselves. Our goal is always to come up with simplest solutions than the last one! Delivering quality and keeping commitments is our core belief. We are the one stop solution center and offer services right from making a business plan to product scoping to business consulting. Our out of the box product like “Bizy Dale” is an efficiency booster for professionals, an application with applications and the charge is per user basis unlike other products who charge a bomb for each application to be used. We have a team of talents who are always at the toe to build solutions for all business type and world through latest technologies.

Why should start-ups try Bizy Dale Nets?

i)  We have a product team who are super calibre, think simple, think smart and understands what the world need.

ii) We are the one stop solution center who takes care of all that a business needs at a cost saver price rather than having businesses to partner with different vendors for different requirements at different prices. Thus improve in profits!

iii) We build customized solutions for all industry type.

iv)Our quality and commitment to deliver is unbeatable

v) We have super talented account managers and highly efficient support team to take care of user needs.

What about future Bizy Dale Nets?

We have massive plans to expand our business. Currently, we are targeting only start-ups and offer them our solutions and services at an affordable cost. Later we have plans to build solutions, offer our services to bigger giants and become their sole vendor for all their needs. We have plans to build solutions in latest technologies for all industry type.

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