How to increase your LinkedIn Followers?

It’s not only you even I want to be followed by many professionals , unlike Facebook or twitter Linkedin got over 300 million professionals where the entire planet holds only 600 million professionals which mean it is holding one-half of the professional network so it’s worth spending time on Linkedin. Think of the situation like this you are going for an interview and in the middle of the interview you are coming to know your interviewer is following you on LinkedIn, how do you feel? But making professionals follow you is not an easy one at the same time is not a tough task .Here I am writing down five effective tips to make professionals follow you but you need to invest your valuable time to build your network.

Before we proceed:

Just go to your profile page fill out all the fields completely if you need any help to complete your profile you can read this article by Bernard Marr “ How to create a killer LinkedIn profile That will Get You Noticed”.

Once you are done then you are ready to go.

Wait, do you know how to follow a user on Linkedin

Just open the profile of the person, Next to Send a mail button you could see a downward pointer just click the pointer, a box will pop up and just click the Follow option that’s it now you started following the person.

How to follow a person on Linkedin

What is the difference between following and connecting?

For example: if you are following me you could see my updates and articles but I can’t see your updates and shares. But on the other hand, a connection is mutual I can see your updates and you can see my updates.

When to follow a person?

If we find a professional sharing best in industry practices or writing about new technology from you niche then obviously we would love to connect with the person since 91% of users use Linkedin for professional contents than for news or entertainment. But Linkedin never permits you to connect with  professionals randomly .It requests you to send an invitation to the respective person. If you are uncertain about the acceptance then you can follow the person to get updates from him.

Another way of connecting with the people is to go through Linkedin’s recommendation under “People you may know”. But without any common grounds, LinkedIn won’t suggest the respective person to you.

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Is getting followers difficult?

Obviously a big No, but you need to spend some time daily to get more followers within a short period of time. After analyzing few successful profiles and Linkedin’s suggestions I am writing this 5 effective tips to increase LinkedIn followers.

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How to increase your LinkedIn followers?
5.Participate in Group discussions

More than one million professional groups are established on LinkedIn. Join the group of your interest and start participating in discussions.By actively participating and delivering interesting and innovative ideas or suggestions the rate of profile views and followers will increase rapidly.

You can also initiate the conversation by posting new technologies or best in industry practices related to the domain.

Don’t you believe me that participating in groups will improve your profile rank and followers? Then check out the fourth point published by though it is for the business page it will also work for your profile.

4.Increase engagements

Don’t simply scroll through your timeline if you find anything interesting just go and engage with the post .You can like, comment or share the best to increase your visibility.

Linkedin says

That a post will get 44% share when someone comment,53% sharing when someone like a post.

Image credit :

To explain the picture clearly, for example, I am publishing this post on LinkedIn and if you like this post it will be shown as an update to your connections it’s like you are sharing the post.

But to improve your visibility it is advisable to comment or share the post rather than simply liking .When you make a comment on the trending posts it will notify other commenters so your profile rank and followers will increase.

For example; if I am commenting on a post that got 500 comments  then Linkedin will notify my comment to those 500 people. More profile reach isn’t it?

Is this post interesting or not? If it is interesting like and share else comment down below.

3.Write an update

Linkedin likes a profile which generates more conversation with their updates than a normal one.

image credit :

As mentioned above 91% of people are here to learn something related to their profession,16% on Google Plus,27% on Facebook ,29% on twitter.  So show your professional knowledge or interesting stuff related to the industry.

See the above update done by a user she is not an influencer but motivated her connections and followers to engage with the post by sharing 12 hours work culture in startups it got thousands of likes and hundreds of comments which gone viral to some extent. When you make such kind of updates really it will bring more followers than you actually think.

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2.Write a long post

I am gaining followers because of writing long posts regularly it’s one of the best options to increase your profile views and followers. If you don’t have deep knowledge about the industry or  your niche try to improve the knowledge and start writing .Don’t simply copy and paste any content from anywhere.

What to write?

If you are interested in publishing articles then you should know what to write.

image credit :

Blue color gets more clicks and orange gets more shares , publish articles related to the above niche (shown in the picture).

Why do you need to publish an article?
1.To increase your visibility

2.To enhance your personal reputation.

3.To position as thought manager.

image credit :


So now it is clear publishing the long post will increase your visibility and followers.

1.Invite more people

This one works only for publishers. This one can exponentially increase your followers. Once you started publishing long form posts you are becoming a Linkedin’s publisher .

Whenever you accept the invitation or when a person accepts your invitation they become your followers. If they are also publishing articles then you become his follower and he becomes your follower. So start inviting more people and  get more followers.

Why you need followers?

LinkedIn is the best platform for the B2B segment to drive more sales since organization’s decision makers are here,  by increasing your visibility you could drive more sales to your business.

If you are an author you can share your views and sell your books.

A blogger can publish his post and could drive more views to his post.

[A quick Tip for bloggers

43% of unique visitors are visiting LinkedIn through mobile phone so make sure your blog or site is mobile optimized.]

If you are a job seeker then you may land your dream job.

A lot of benefits are there in networking but varies from individual to individual .I am building a network to share ideas, suggestions ,best ways, how-to-guides on blogging, social networking, online money making .Comment down why you want to increase your followers.

If you feel I left out some interesting points please let me know in the comment. Don’t fail to like, share and comment down. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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