Interviewbit to land on dream job

Are you the person working in Tier-3 companies and dreaming of landing on companies like Facebook, Google, you should create an account on InterviewBit. InterviewBit is exclusively designed for coders.

InterviewBit is a platform to learn skills that you need for technology jobs. They help you polish your skills and get ready for the job, whether you are a fresh college graduate or a working professional.

How interviewbit works?

If you have knowledge of C,C++,Java and Python then you can signup and create an account to solve numerous problem designed for you.

You are provided with problem and editor to solve if you are stuck in the middle you can get a help from the team. For every successful submission, you get points based on the score they rank you which you can see in your profile.

The entire course is designed for three months but more time you spend to solve the problems you can finish and get an offer from companies early.

It’s like playing a game to land on your dream job. Just signup here to enjoy coding on InterviewBit.

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You can also link to your Facebook account and can stalk how your Facebook friends are ranked and how much effort you need to invest to beat them.

Above all, you get a video assistance from mycodeschool embedded in your dashboard.

How you get a job offer?

All you have to do is to solve more problems and improve your rank .If you are active and smart enough automatically you receive the job offer from big companies.

If you work harder and rank yourself on the leader board, founders itself will refer you to the top companies.

You can also attend a mock interview to solve similar programs followed in top companies and also an option to get a judgment from the team.

If you are performing well in the mock and referral phase then you can appear in Interview phase.

Once you are done with coding you get an offer from top companies means paying a huge sum.

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You will love working on InterviewBit once you are started solving problems.

It’s not only for working professionals but also for fresher to get the job and for interns.

Just signup here to get the job you want.

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