3 simple ways to get free Amazon gift card

The word”Free” never fails to amuse the frequent online shoppers that too more for Amazon shoppers. We all know nothing in the world comes for free, we need to pay in some means if not direct money. Though it’s titled Free Amazon Gift cards you need to do perform some little geek to get it.

1.Online Surveys

In any online money making posts this will be first choice of any bloggers to make money online.

These online survey companies are paying their participants in different modes through paytm, paypal, cheque, direct bank transfer and now through amazon gift cards also.

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So you need to complete a small survey to get paid on these sites to get free amazon gift card.

Unfortunately thousands of online survey companies are spam and one or two exist in real to make real money finding the genuine websites is little bit cumbersome.

I can suggest you two websites to make free amazon gift cards 1.Mechanical Turk and 2.Prizerebel

You might have read some posts stating 40 different ways to get free amazon gift cards, they simply list out 40 different survey platforms but I suggest you to stick with any one and do consistently.

2.Apply for Amazon visa card

Amazon visa signature card comes with No foreign transaction fee, No annual credit card fee and cashback reward points.

free amazon gift cards

Other than getting cashbacks on purchase you are also eligible for $50 worth free Amazon gift card.

You can upgrade to 5% cashback slab by getting prime membership.

3.Bank with ICICI to get Free Amazon gift card

All you need to do is to do your first financial transaction in ICICI digital channels internet banking/imobile app/m.icicibank.com. First 200 transactors of everyday will be given Rs.100/- worth free amazon gift card.

free amazon gift card

Once the transaction is complete you will receive the gift card in your secured mailbox within 30days.

These are the three genuine ways to get free amazon gift cards.If you know any other ways comment down to add it in the list.

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How to make money from Quora? – With proof 2018

By reading the title how to make money from quora will never fail to excite the quorans both readers and writers, who knows, this topic may turn the readers into writers.

To avoid the full-time stressful job half of the young office goer’s community is exploring possible ways to make money either through freelancing or through passive income building.

Freelancing requires your physical presence and consume more time. The time you spend is directly proportional to the money you make.

Whereas in passive income you will generate income while you sleep, dance, eat or whatever you are, of course, this also need your time but its one-time investment and sustainable income.

When it comes to passive income there are two tested platforms stock market and online money making methods (there are many) and now cryptocurrency joins the list.

I suggest you gain some knowledge on the stock market and start investing as early as possible. Believe me, it is the one wise investment that required to make your life upside down.

The same goes for online money making there are hundreds of ways to make money online right from data entry, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, blogging and so on but nothing is immediate you need to be patient and consistent but surely you will pass through.

Consistency is the basic skill all the online money making seekers lack. It is the primary skill which differentiates successful from unsuccessful. Be consistent in whatever you do and you will realize the result.

Here in this post How to make money from quora I am not going to tell you something new. It’s a traditional and widely discussed method on the internet.

Now you can make money from Pinterest.learn how to create, manage and drive tons of traffic at Rs.59/- only

Pin on Pinterest
Buy at Rs.59/- from Amazon

But here I will tell you how to use this on Quora that worked for me and make it work for you.

In any marketing either affiliate or direct marketing if the buyer believes the product or seller then selling process is simply easy. If you can sell a product easily then nobody can stop you from becoming rich.

That’s the reason why all the self-made billionaires are suggesting their followers learn the art of selling.

Quora is the right platform where you can monetize the trust. Readers upvote the answer because they found it useful and believed in what you said.

Each upvoter is your potential customer. If you are getting 100 upvotes for an answer then you got hundred potential customers but What are you going to sell?How are you going to make money from Quora?

Affiliate marketing is the solution.

But don’t stop here continue reading…

Don’t go to Amazon immediately and start including high commission products on each answer.

Selling right products to the right customer is also the important technique to become a successful salesperson.

Quora is a knowledge transfer or knowledge sharing platform of diverse people from different countries, subjects, and experiences but the one point that connects all is the thirst of knowledge and aggressive reading.

Hope you got my point isn’t?

Books are the right products that suit all audience in all context. You can simply include Amazon affiliate link to any particular book that matches with the context of your answer.

The link you are adding should be like a native advertisement (in the flow of content) not like the promotional content.

For example, I wrote an answer with an affiliate link.

The line “read this book to get out of rate race” is the affiliate link to the book Rich dad and Poor dad. Though this particular answer gained very minimal upvotes it generated a traffic of 500+ to Amazon and sold three products in less than 10 days.

This is the right and proven technique to make money from Quora.

But the challenge here is readers won’t upvote all the answers and make you popular it is your creative writing skill and profound knowledge in a subject that attracts more upvotes.

We need to be more knowledgeable than readers to tell what they are not heard A single answer with 1k+ upvotes will surely generate you hundreds of sales.

But don’t overdo this in all answers use it wisely. Happy writing and earning.

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Top 25+ refer and earn sites 2018

Next, to affiliate marketing, refer and earn sites are widely utilized one to build a passive income online.

Interest income, rental income, and royalties are also the better way to build passive income but they need huge investment to make considerable money.

But either affiliate marketing or refer and earn programs require huge efforts to make considerable money.

I recently came across a Linkedin post where the Gentleman threw the question to everyone “What do you do if you lose your job tomorrow?”.

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Many people accepted they are economically challenged and few stated they will lose the comfort they are enjoying now but only three or four including me commented

We are making passive income through blog or rental or through other means so we are financially less threatened.

Though the question was thrown for discussion it may happen in real to anyone at any time.

Building a second sustainable income is the best way to become independent of others. The Internet made this possible in the 21st century through many options.

If you are the one looking for lucrative refer and earn sites then this post will be the useful for you forever.

This is a long read but divided under categories so to jump to the respective section press ctrl+F search for the below keywords for easy navigation.

1.Academics 2.Banking and trading
3.Cashback and deals 4.Ecommerce sites
5.Games 6.Hosting and domains
7.Payment apps 8. Travel and hospitality
9.Job portals  10.Generate Leads

Refer and earn sites in Academics

1.Simplilearn – On referring your friends to take any provided online course you get an amazon voucher and your friend gets 15% discount on course cost.

2.Apna course – On referring your friends you get Apna points which could be redeemed later.

3.Lynda.com -You get referral money when you introduce your friends to Lynda for the membership program.

Banking and trading sectors refer and earn sites

1.ICICI Bank – When you promote their bank products like pockets to your friends and family you will be rewarded. Anyone can join and reap the benefits you need not have ICICI bank account.

2.Citibank    –  This referral program is exclusively for Citibank users or you can create an account and start referring. When you refer Citi credit cards to your circle you will be rewarded Rs.2000/- directly into your Citibank account its direct money, not points.

The maximum amount you can make is Rs.9999/- in a financial year (April – march)

3.Angel Broking – Whenever you bring new signups and they do trading, you will be rewarded.

4.Asnani – You will be paid 10% brokerage generated from your referrals. Even you can refer a family member with same address of yours.

5.ZeroShulk – This is one of the lucrative deals. You get 20% of the brokerage generated each time a trade is done. For example, if your referral pays Rs.999/- you get Rs.198/-. Maximum up to 50% you can earn.

6.Zerodha – Every trade executed by friends will fetch you 10% of brokerage to your account.

refer and earn

Cashback and deals  refer and earn sites

1.CashKaro – You can make more here. When your referral makes Rs.5000/- cashback you will get Rs.500/-(10%) as a referral bonus.

By referring more friends, you could generate a decent income from this program.

E-commerce Refer and Earn sites 2017

1.Amazon – You get Rs.200/- for each friend who signs up at Amazon.in and makes a purchase of Rs.300/- Your friend also get Rs.100(Copyright: Amazon)

refer and earn
Amazon refer a friend

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2.Flipkart – When each referral makes a purchase for Rs.1000/- from Flipkart app yu will get Rs.200/-.But they must apply your code on Installation.

3.Refer and earn Snapdeal – You get Rs.200/- and your friends will get Rs.100/- in your Freecharge account when they make a first purchase on Snapdeal.

4.Shopclues–  When three of your friends download Shopclues app using your referral code you will get Rs.100/- worth voucher.

5.HealthKart – When your referred friend makes a purchase on Healthkart you both receive a coupon worth Rs.250/- which can be used for your next purchase.

6.Netmeds – You get Rs.100/- worth gift voucher when your referee makes the first purchase.

7.Lenskart –  When your referred friend signs up he/she get Rs.500/- worth Lenskart gift voucher and when they make their first purchase you get Rs.500/- worth Paytm voucher.

8.BigBasket – You both get Rs.100/- money in Big Basket wallet when your referee makes a purchase of Rs.500/- at a big basket.

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Online Games refer and earn programs

1.Ace2three – If your referee buys 200 real chips from this online rummy platform then you would be rewarded Rs.1000/- for sure.

2.ClassicRummy – On your friend’s first deposit 1000 bonus will be credited to your account. Thereafter for every 500 wagered by your friend 300 bonus will be released to your account.

3.TajRummy – You will receive 100% on your friend’s first deposit.

4.JungleeRummy – Whenever you refer your friend you get RS.1000/- and your friends get Rs.1000/- If you refer 5 friends you get Rs.5000/-

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Hosting and domains refer and earn

1.BigRock – Your referee needs to use your coupon code while they purchase a domain on BigRock. Your own domain is your coupon code so you need to have a domain (best suitable for bloggers).

For every three friends who use your coupon, you will get a one-year renewal for your domain.

2.Hosting Raja – When he makes a purchase you get Flat 30% off on your next purchase and for every new customer addition you get Rs.5000/-.

Payment apps refer and earn

1.Mobikwik – When your referee adds Rs.100/- in this wallet you get Rs.75/- and your friend gets Rs.50/- as e-cash. You can earn maximum of Rs.15000/- and can use the reward money to shop anywhere online.

Travel and Hospitality refer and earn

1.Goibio – Your referee earns 3000/- gocash and you get 1000 gocash on installing Goibibo mobile app. By Linking your phonebook on the app each time when your contacts book on Goibibo you get 50 gocash.

You can use gocash for bookings without any restriction.

2.MakeMyTrip – You get Rs.600/- when your friend downloads the app and Rs.800/- when he books with makemytrip. You can earn upto Rs.7000/-

3.FindMystay – Here you can earn upto Rs.1Lakh but not hard cash but could be redeemed in your next booking with findmystay.

When your referee downloads the app and registers both of you get Rs.300/- in your account.

4.OyoRooms – Your friend gets Rs.1000/- OYO money on successful app installation and you get Rs.200/- oyo money. When he books a hotel through the app you will be rewarded Rs.800/- oyo money.

5.ClearTrip – Refer a friend by sharing your referral code. Earn for every first booking your referrals complete.

When your friend installs and sign-ups they receive a coupon code worth Rs.2000/- for their first booking. You get Rs.1000/- cashback on travel.

6.Goibibo – By inviting your friends to download Goibibo app you get 1000gocash your friend gets 3000gocash which can be used to book flights, hotels, bus, and cars.Unlike other refer and earn sites by linking your phonebook contacts with

Unlike other refer and earn sites by linking your phonebook contacts with an app you get 50gocash whenever your contacts book the service.

refer and earn sites

Refer your friends for the jobs and make money on job portals


This is very simple.Create an account on myrefers.com finds the list of job opening posted by different companies.Either you can apply for the openings or refer your friends.

On successful closing of the openings, you will be paid a decent commission depends on the job you refer.The best part is for some openings you will be paid after the interview stage itself.

There is a potential to make some real money from this website.


This is similar to myrefers, you will be paid on successful closing of the job by refering your contacts.

The commission paid here for the closing is better than myrefers.

10.Refer your friends to Spini

Spini is a lead generation platform for real estate, insurance, loans, and interiors.

If you know anyone has the need of property you can post their name and contact number.Spini team will review your lead and if it is found to be genuine and relevant.You will get Rs.100/- for every successful lead you bring.


Refer and earn is as best as affiliate programs where you can make accountable money by investing your effort.

It’s not only bloggers anyone can make money. Just open your mobile starts with the contacts you saved in your mobile. Then move to social media to help your friends find better service or product.

Everything is possible with efforts.

If I have missed any popular lucrative programs please comment down I will add it.

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Make Money By Playing Online Rummy

You can make money by playing online rummy .This is nothing new; in fact, many people in India are making extra money on the side with the help of their Indian rummy playing skills.

Everything we own or do in our lives is somehow related to the amount of money we have. When you have a good amount in your bank account, most of the things come easy.

Otherwise we just scramble to make ends meet. In the recent past the online culture has become extremely prevalent; a quick swipe on your smartphone and you enter the virtual or parallel world of technology.

What is great is that technology is also closely related to gaming and there is a way that allows you to make money legally. If you want to know more, just scroll down a little and grab the deal.

Caution: You May end up Making a lot of Money

Playing Online Rummy is a Treasure Chest

First things first, playing online rummy for real money has nothing to do with gambling and even the Apex court of India has stamped it as a game of skill. Playing online Rummy is legal in all states of India except Assam and Odisha.

It is different from other card games like Teen Patti or Flash which are games of chance and are therefore illegal. Primarily the common variants of rummy available on the web are points, pool and deals.

Each website has its own way of allocating points with slight modifications, but the basic rules of the game remain the same.

Almost all websites provide requisite education to players in the form of tutorial videos and informative blogs. These articles and videos explain rummy tips and tricks, and rules for free or practice play. This is an easy way to get acquainted with the game.

Players need to deposit a minimum amount for playing Rummy online. This amount attracts a handsome welcome bonus that boosts your playing money to an insane value. Hence you get more money to play and explore the game.

There’s a whole stream of bonuses and promotions available for players at good sites. To add more cash to their account, players can take the full advantage of multiple bonuses like Top Up and festival promotions. Utilizing these gives you an advantage.

Once you are ready and feel like it’s time to hammer the nail, then you can join the table and start the battle with your fellow players.

It is a game of hardcore skills; where the fundamentals of mathematics and card manipulations have a decent role to play.

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How the Game can improve your Bank Roll

After all, the real money game is all about winnings that flow into your bank account. There are multiple tables available for players to join. Each table can occupy from 2 to 6 players.

Thousands of players are taking home a lot of money by implementing their card skills by just spending an hour or two of their free time. Since it is a multiplayer game, you play against other real players and not against a computer.

The game is very similar to rummy you may have played with friends or family at home. Be smart and invest some time on this game. This is an easy game to master and you can learn and play in a matter of just a day or two. The best part is that you can change a relatively bad set of cards into a winning declare with your skills.

You can begin by playing on low stake tables and as you begin to get good at it, you can keep increasing your stakes. To play for real money there is multiple ways you can deposit and withdraw.

Net banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Wire Transfer, Paytm*, PayUmoney, Airtel Money, Rupay Card etc. all facilitate payments.  All are secure and fast with very quick service.

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RummyPassion.com is a great destination available for you to test your skills. It gives you the option to win a lot of money. Registration is simple and free.

You can sign up and start playing immediately. RummyPassion.com offers friendly and professional customer service and can be contacted via phone, email and live chat.

This content was created by RummyPassion and Published by SocialTalky

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Make money from Doopaadoo by listening songs

A recent research conducted by Audio-Technica , one of the world’s finest music instruments manufacturers revealed that an average person spend 13 years of his life only in listening to music and it can be any sort of music.

An average person only listens for 13 years but an above average person will convert 13 years into money by simply listening to the same music.

Doopaadoo is designed for music lovers and creators where music producers can publish their content exclusively on Doopaadoo and music can listen to different kinds of music and songs only on doopaadoo.

The best part is you can make money from Doopaadoo for listening to the songs uploaded on their site and you will also get paid based on the number of views your content gets.

They share their profit with listeners and publishers and they monetized the sites through AdSense and third party promotions on their site.

How to make money from Doopaadoo?

It’s very simple whenever you feel like listening to music rather than visiting youtube you enter doopaadoo.com

The user interface is like Youtube but on youtube, only publishers get paid when viewers engage with ads but here on Doopaadoo, both will be paid not for watching ads but listening to what you like.

Before you start making money you need to create your account on the site and you have optional sign-ins like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

make money from doopaadoo
make money from doopaadoo

Once your account is created just start listening to your favorite music and on successful completion of the music you get coins in your wallet collect up to 500 coins and convert the coins into real money in your paytm wallet.

The average length of each music track is about 5 minutes so by listening to 50 songs in a day you get 50 coins and in 10 days it is easy to secure 500 coins and no special effort needed.

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Even on the go, you can earn by downloading Doopaadoo mobile app.

More than making money you will appreciate the content produced by talented music publishers.

Rate, comment and share the music. Happy Listening.

Start listening to Doopaadoo you will love it.

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5 online marketplaces to sell without VAT

Creating a second income is a wise decision one can make while he is working in a 9-6 job which makes him financially independent in future.

There are lot of ways to devise your second income, selling products on the online marketplace is considered as one of the best ways to generate sustainable income.

It’s not easy to list your store online, without registering your company you cannot list out on major marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart you need VAT and CST to become seller but these process will make you think again about “becoming an online seller”

But fortunately, there are few online marketplaces where you can sell without VAT and CST.

Continue reading to explore the list.


Ebay is the only online giant which ropes many sellers on board without any registration you can start selling by simply creating an account on Ebay and PaisaPay (eBay’s payment service) account.

To register for PaisaPay account you need a Bank account which will be linked to your seller account.

Once you are done with both the account you can start listing your items online.

sell without vat
eBay Seller Central

Click to register as Ebay seller.

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Infibeam the second largest e-commerce store with 100 crore revenue in this list allows sellers to list their items without VAT and CST but PAN card is mandatory.

sell without vat

CraftsVilla is a marketplace where you can sell unique handmade, vintage and organic products.

VAT certificate is not mandatory to list your product here.

sell without vat


sell without vat


It’s an online flea market where you can sell handmade products right from apparels, shoes, fashion accessories, household products, gift items, chocolates and many.

sell without vat

Again TIN is not mandatory.

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If you are a student, homemaker, unemployed or seller you can start building your store on Kraftly.

sell without vat


You can sell men and women accessories, notebooks, T-shirt, kitchen and dining products and much more.

Bonus Tip : You can sell books and unstitched clothes on Amazon without VAT and CST certificate.

An active Linkedin users can connect with me on Linkedin to discuss more business.

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Online rummy games to make money from home

The Recent time we are seeing a lot of online and television advertisements on playing online rummy games and winning a big cash but don’t you think its gambling and what you are earning are others hard earned money.

Online rummy game’s creators are calling rummy as a game of skill against a game of chance.

Game of Chance is what we should call as gambling not Game of Skill, the money you are earning from online rummy games are considered as a reward for your skill so it is legal to play rummy.

online rummy games
Online rummy six players

Supreme Court of India stated-

A game of skill, on the other hand – although the element of chance necessarily cannot be entirely eliminated –is one in which success depends on principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player. 

Golf, chess, and even Rummy are considered to be games of skill. The Courts have reasoned that there are few games, if any, which consist purely of chance or skill, and as such a game of chance is one in which the element of chance predominates over the element of skill, and a game of skill is one in which the element of skill predominates over the element of chance.

It is the dominant element –“skill” or “chance” — which determines the character of the game.—source rummycircle.com

So it is not illegal to play online rummy games.

Almost on all platforms, they are giving you a free chance to practice online rummy with some practice chips but you need to create your own account before you start playing.

It tests your decision-making skill, you need to take a decision within the stipulated seconds whether to take from the open deck or close deck or to finish the game.

First practice with free online rummy games then move on to adding some money.

You need to encash minimum amount to play rummy online.

For example, if you want to play cash game on rummycircle.com then the minimum amount is Rs.25/- .They provide wide payment options right from debit card to almost all bank’s internet banking.

online rummy games

Based on the prize for a respective game, an entry fee is fixed. Just enter and start playing . If you know to play real rummy with hard deck then you can easily adopt this soft deck also.

But if you are new to online rummy games then check out How to play online rummy games from Rummymillionaire.com.

Playing online rummy games is really addictive and it provokes you to add more cash and try again irrespective of the money you lost.

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Cash limit on Online Rummy Games

To save you from bankrupt some online game providers allow you to set the maximum amount you can add in a day and in a month to your account. So that you won’t lose your wallet early.

For example, if your daily limit is 500 you cannot add extra money on the same day you added 500.

Adding cash limit feature trying to show this game as the responsible one.

Playing tournaments involves big prize money and big risks so don’t go to tournaments directly start slowly and grow steadily.

On the whole, if you know how to save your pocket from the hole then playing online rummy games is fun and addictive.


online rummy games
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Few interesting platforms where you can play online rummy games.

1.Rummycircle.com 2.Ace3three.com
3.classicrummy.com 4.aslirummy.com
5.jungleerummy.com 6.deccanrummy.com
7.indigorummy.com 8.adda52.com
9.tajrummy.com 10.Gamehouse.com
11.khelplayrummy.com 12.rummy.in
13.gorummy.com 14.diamondrummy.com
15.therummycafe.com 16.rummyonlinefree.co.in
17.Silkrummy.com 18.rummymania.com
19.rummyroyal.com 20.Gamecolony.com

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Online rummy games seem to be one of the ways to make some good real money from home on the condition if you know to play rummy really.

All the numbers and deck are randomly generated if you are losing your money continuously you are not biased or game owner is cheating you, it means your opponent who is taking better decision.

Even if you win continuously it is your own skill, not game providers. Most of the platforms are certified by third parties on their Random Number Generator (RNG).

So playing online rummy games is safe, knowing you aware of what you are doing.

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Simple steps to create coupons and deals sites

Increasing romance on online Shopping in India not only a chance for the e-commerce sites but also for dependent sites like cashback, rewards, coupons and deals sites. There is a huge opportunity to earn a good income from coupons and deals.Here we explain each step clearly to create coupons and deals sites.

1 .Code or download your website

If you are a coder HTML, CSS, PHP, DBMS with Bootstrap you can make an excellent responsive website.

But if you are not a coder you need not spend thousands to get a website from the third party you can simply use WordPress themes it is easy and handy coding is not required to create a site simply go through some Youtube videos to know the basics of WordPress.

You can do cost optimization by trying List of free website builders and List of free web hosting

You need a theme to create a coupon site in WordPress both premium and free themes are available. Once you downloaded the theme and activated in WordPress your site is ready now.

Some of the themes are CouponHut, CouponXLKuponCouponerCouponize, ComreRehubCoupon ThemeClipperDaily DealJC Coupon.

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2.Collect Coupons

Your site is ready now but from where do you get coupons?

There are sites to provide you some coupons but you need a website to get approval that’s why we have created a website first.

Now approach affiliate network sites like Optimise, Vcommission, Payoom and Opicle just signup with them, once your account is approved they provide you exclusive coupons to you from all major brands in all categories just collect and display it on your website.

So whenever a purchase is done via your site they pay you some commission for each sale and lead .Don’t forget to use your affiliate link while directing the user to seller sites.

Once you reached the threshold you can transfer the amount to your account.

3. How to market coupons and deals sites?

Now your website is completely ready but you need some customers for you.

Some ways to market your site

1.Create a page for your business in Facebook, google plus and a twitter account invite your friends to like this. Request your friends to invite their friends so you can get some extra audience.

2.Go for paid promotion once you reached stagnant likes, spend carefully avoid going for boosting single posts go for promoting your page.

3.Add subscription box to your site and send promotional mails to your subscribers once in a week with some attractive coupons.

Go through free marketing tools for small business to cut cost and do more

4.Request established pages to promote you on their pages.

5.Run contests give some prizes to attract new customers in twitter and Facebook.

6.Try mouth marketing spread the word effectively to your friends and relatives.

7.Share some commission to trust or needy to get additional promotion some good people are ready to try but be genuine in sharing the commission with them.

4. How to get extra coupons?

Once you reached decent audience start approaching local stores and start-ups to share their coupons with you .By doing like this slowly increase the number of coupons .People will come to you if you are really useful don’t focus on earnings focus on increasing customers money comes automatically.

By doing like this slowly increase the number of coupons. People will come to you if you are really useful don’t focus on earnings focus on increasing customers money comes automatically.

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Kindly comment down for any queries.


Top 5 Refer and earn Indian Ecommerce websites

It’s not only a place where you spend your money but also where you can earn some good penny. Refer and earn is the simple concept existing since Adam and Eve period but here we are listing some ecommerce websites paying you huge.

Refer and earn

Whenever your referrals signup and do purchase via your unique code or link you get certain commission this is how refer and earn works .You are eligible for payment only for valid transactions.

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Top 5 sites paying more


This website is quite amazing it’s not a one-time payment, you will receive commissions till your referrals do purchase from them, Cashkaro pays you 10% of their cashbacks/rewards earnings forever.


Get paid Rs.1000/- worth voucher for every successful installs via your friends.

Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic and make international money from affiliate marketing or refer and earn program.Learn the best ways to manage and drive traffic from pinterest at Rs.59/-only.

Pin on Pinterest
Buy at Rs.59/- from Amazon


India’s largest health and fitness store for men and women. You can refer your friends to them so for their successful first purchase they will pay you Rs.250/-


For each friend who signups and make a purchase of Rs.300 or more you will get Rs.200/- and your friends get Rs.100/-


Make your friend to download snapdeal app when they make first purchase both you and your friend will get Rs.100/- in your freecharge account. You can also use the reward points to shop in snapdeal.

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We left few Refer and earn programs in the list if you know please comment down below.


How to earn money from my class notes?

One of the best and appreciable ways for college students to earn pocket money during their study. Though you won’t get full money for college fee at least it helps you to earn some money for your books, snacks and hangouts with your friends.

Yes you can sell your class notes to other students who are in need of it for some money all you have to do is to attend the class and get some notes and put it in paper neatly.

How to sell my note?

There are lot of websites which act as mediator between writers and seekers you can create your profile in the respective websites,fix the price and put it for sale .Nostegen, Noteutopia, Stuvia, Nexus notes are some of the websites you can put up your notes the good news is some websites wont charge anything from sellers you can  create free account.

What is the criteria to sell my note?

1.It should be your original notes don’t take others and sell it.

2.It should be legible for the reader to read and understand it well.


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Tips to increase notes sale

1.Fix a decent price don’t sell it for huge amount remember one thing buyers also college students surviving with pocket money.

2.Try simple words don’t use tough words and make it easy to understand.

3.Don’t copy from any book write mixing your class lectures and books.

4.Use more diagrams to make the concepts simple.

5.Use social media pages to promote your notes.

6.If you are from reputed institution mention your campus name in your profile .

7.Add some curricular grades in your profile to create value for your notes.

8.Better form a team with toppers from all departments upload more notes and share the income with your teammates.

How much you can earn by selling notes?

It depends on how many notes you are publishing and your selling price don’t make the price big. Go through some of the other notes prices that will help you to fix the price. Be consistent in uploading.

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