5 business ideas less than 5000 to quit your job in 5 years

There is a business man inside every office goers we always dream of living our own life with no difference between weekdays and weekends .To be a boss of our own life we have to be the boss. Some business doesn’t need a fat cheque to start your own business.Here I am listing down five business ideas less than 5000

Business ideas less than 5000

5.Become a consultant

Becoming a consultant of your own field doesn’t need a fat cheque.

You can be an engineering solution provider or can be a general career advisor. This business needs huge knowledge in the respective field two to three people with subdomain knowledge can team up to start a consultancy service.

Initially, you can function from your own house and spend some money on printing a business card and some advertisement to your targeted customers.

But you need to do a lot of ground works to build and drive huge income as being a consultant.

Tip: You can provide a free service to two to three clients to prove your knowledge if it is successful it will lead to word of mouth marketing so you can drive more clients in future.

4.Become an affiliate

Don’t restrict yourself to the online site but also explore your local markets yes you can affiliate with local business and sell their products or service on a commission basis.

For example, you can affiliate with tourism industries to drive sales to them on a commission basis.All you need is a website and some ground works.

Restrict yourself geographically, don’t try to cover wider areas slowly step by step increase your coverage.

If you are choosing civil industries you can affiliate with cement traders, steel, concrete, blue metals, sand etc., Don’t affiliate with only one trader cover all the traders in your niche in a targeted location so you can increase your income.
Once you have built the contacts you can do business through the phone from your home.

3.Sell your skills

You can sell your skills it’s different from the consultation. In consulting, you are solving some one’s problem but in teaching, you are helping others to solve their own needs.

Simple courses like spoken English or language courses, painting or software courses. Use online tools like teachable.com, articulate.com, openlearning.com to create courses in mathematics, science, physics or any other interesting niche to accelerate your income.

2.Do digital marketing

Most startups and few websites cannot afford to employ a dedicated professional to maintain their social pages.

Acquire knowledge on digital marketing from YouTube or some professional blog and then approach startups to with credits you earned. Try Google free Adwords certification program.

Associating with five to six startups could fetch you more income all you need is an internet connection and your laptop.

1.Become an advertiser

You can become an advertiser for emerging businesses and events all you need is valuable contacts than money.

Startups need to advertise their products at low costs like printing out pamphlets, placing a banner on websites, banners, dailies advertisement, etc.,

Associating with printing industries and advertisers you can do successful marketing. Slowly expanding your area you can start your own marketing solutions or advertising agency.

Bonus idea


You might have read about blogging on many blogs but still, I would like to append it here. This is one of the best business ideas less than 5000 you can start and make it lucrative in less than 5 years.

Cost involved:

1.Domain purchase 2. Hosting 3. Promotions

At the beginning, you get traffic only through promotions on social medias spending some money to gain initial followers would be a wise move.

Ways to Monetize your blog

1.Sponsored content 2. Google AdSense 3. Affiliate Marketing 4. Banner displays 5. Subscription fee (after making it popular)

I am making some serious money in publishing sponsored article than any other ways. Blogging is lucrative when you believe in your idea and being patient.

You cannot make immediate money from blogging but for sure in future.

If you know any other high ROI business ideas less than 5000 please comment down I will add it in future.


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