How to make money from writing stories?

Do you imagine lot? Do you have the skill to communicate through writing? Do you have time to spend? Then you are reading the right post made for you. Advent of smart phone making book lovers to go for ebook rather than carrying lot of books with them. Here we are spelling out few ways to make money from writing stories.

There is a good demand in the market for short story editors. There are lot of tools available right from creating your book cover to sell your book all you need is an interest to make money and have some creativity in your writing.

1. How should be your book?

Choose a niche which you are interested in and having more knowledge in it don’t force to choose a category it can be a simple love story or how to become successful in one day but you should have more knowledge or creativity in your niche.

You can start by writing short stories holding 50-100 pages, write in simple English don’t make it complicated.

Make sure giving attractive title to your content  a book named “I am an average looking boy will you be my girlfriend “ though it is lengthy it urge you to go for the book. So it’s your Title which motivates buyers to spend their hard earned money before opening it or knowing you.

2. Step before publishing your book

Don’t sit in a day complete fifty pages and go for publishing ,go through your content more than twenty times make sure it is grammatically correct if you are not sure ask your close friends to read and get his suggestions refer 10-15 friends work on their suggestions it will help you to refine your content .

Once your content is right go for creating cover page for your book make it attractive if you are good in adobe use your imagination else get help help from your friends.

There are some online tools to help you to complete your cover page like Canva, Covercreator, blurb you can simply create an account and create your pic.

Once it is done go for converting your file ,it’s safe to convert your word file into PDF file secured with password almost all the stores accept PDF or EPUB format.

You can go through this document from before publishing your book.

3. Where to publish my book?

Lot of ecommerce websites right from Flipkart to amazon everyone is ready to publish your content with some royalty. You can create your account and publish it for free.

Amazon Kindle is the most famous one ,You can upload your book in kindle ,amazon will upload it automatically in their kindle store you get paid if anyone buys your book.

Other top stores are Pothi, Payhip, Lulu, Smashwords, Kobo, Pubit, Booktango,Blurb,E-junkie, Scribd, Tradebit, Clickbank, ebookit.

Before publish your book it is safe to go through their terms and conditions and choose a right royalty almost all the stores give you 40-90% royalty choose a right one.

4. How to do marketing?

Once it is published you can create pages in social Medias to advertise it among your page fans. Run a competition in your page and give the winner a free copy of your book.

Request influencer to write a review for your book and publish it in social Medias.

Create a blog and publish contents in your niche, promote your book through banners and carousel in blog. WordPress an easy tool to create a blog.

Make a subscription box in your blog collect some potential mail id and send them mail monthly once regarding your new publication and motivate them why they have to read your book.

But there are some default stores will do marketing for you if you publish your book with them like

Don’t think no one will buy your book because you are not doing that  lot of people are making millions by simply writing and publishing their ebook in Kindle itself. Since content is the king make sure your content is interesting.

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