3 simple ways to get free Amazon gift card

The word”Free” never fails to amuse the frequent online shoppers that too more for Amazon shoppers. We all know nothing in the world comes for free, we need to pay in some means if not direct money. Though it’s titled Free Amazon Gift cards you need to do perform some little geek to get it.

1.Online Surveys

In any online money making posts this will be first choice of any bloggers to make money online.

These online survey companies are paying their participants in different modes through paytm, paypal, cheque, direct bank transfer and now through amazon gift cards also.

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So you need to complete a small survey to get paid on these sites to get free amazon gift card.

Unfortunately thousands of online survey companies are spam and one or two exist in real to make real money finding the genuine websites is little bit cumbersome.

I can suggest you two websites to make free amazon gift cards 1.Mechanical Turk and 2.Prizerebel

You might have read some posts stating 40 different ways to get free amazon gift cards, they simply list out 40 different survey platforms but I suggest you to stick with any one and do consistently.

2.Apply for Amazon visa card

Amazon visa signature card comes with No foreign transaction fee, No annual credit card fee and cashback reward points.

Other than getting cashbacks on purchase you are also eligible for $50 worth free Amazon gift card.

You can upgrade to 5% cashback slab by getting prime membership.

3.Bank with ICICI to get Free Amazon gift card

All you need to do is to do your first financial transaction in ICICI digital channels internet banking/imobile app/m.icicibank.com. First 200 transactors of everyday will be given Rs.100/- worth free amazon gift card.

Once the transaction is complete you will receive the gift card in your secured mailbox within 30days.

These are the three genuine ways to get free amazon gift cards.If you know any other ways comment down to add it in the list.

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