How to earn money from your website?

There are lot of ways to earn money legally but earning money from your home or from your comfortable place is always sexy and dream for every office goers .Making money from your website is one of the effective ways to make money from your comfort zone.

If you are a coder then you can simply create a simple website with attractive contents if you are not a coder you can easily create an attractive website with good content its now easy to create a website without coding knowledge using WordPress all you have to do is too spend some time in YouTube videos.

  1. Place third party advertisements

You can place ads from third parties by signing in Google Adsense, Infolinks, Bidvertiser. You have to create your account in the respective sites once your website is approved they will provide you piece of advertisement code which you can place in your website .So whenever your visitor clicks the ad you get paid .Payment varies from site to site, location to location.

  1. Become a direct advertiser

If you are gaining huge traffic in a day then you can demand people to place ad in your site on monthly or yearly payment. For example if you are getting 10k views from Chennai then you can demand Chennai based businesses to advertise in your site so they can reach more people ,approach them with your statistical data.

  1. Become a seller

If your website is all about reviewing products or places you can affiliate yourself with ecommerce sites or Tourism Company as an affiliate marketer. You have to create an account in the respective sites once it is approved they provide unique link for every products you can place this in your site while reviewing a product so when people click a link and complete a purchase respective website will pay you certain commission, it varies from 10% to 50% books, clothes, kids categories pay you huge commissions.

Search for Affiliate marketing link in the respective sites.

  1. Make your website premium

If you are expert in certain field for example Yoga, start writing about yoga consistently and wait till it earn huge audience once it reached make it premium website means viewers have to pay you certain fee to read your latest content. Remember it works only when you are publishing original content and fresh contents.

  1. Sell your own skill

If you are good in Digital Marketing write posts on digital marketing and make it free for the users to read your content .Making valuable quality content in your niche will make people to believe you so you can get business from them for managing their advertisement campaign or making their website SEO optimized.

If you know few other ways for earning from websites please comment down below.

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