How to create coupons and deals sites for free?

Increasing romance on online Shopping in India not only a chance for the e-commerce sites but also for dependent sites like cashback, rewards, coupons and deals sites. There is a huge opportunity to earn a good income from coupons and deals. Here we explain each step clearly to create coupons and deals sites.

1 .Create your own coupon and deals site or just download it

If you are a developer with intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, DBMS with bootstrap you can make an excellent responsive website.

But if you are not a developer you need not spend thousands to get a website from the third party, you can simply use WordPress themes it is easy and handy go through some Youtube videos to know the basics of WordPress.

Other than WordPress you can also try some of the free website builders and free web hosting platform to reduce the cost of the site setup.

if you are going with WordPress you need a theme to create a coupon and deals site.You have the two option 1. Premium and 2.Free.

Some of the popular wordpress themes are CouponHut, CouponXL, Kupon, Couponer, Couponize, Comre, Rehub, Coupon Theme, ClipperDaily DealJC Coupon.

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2.where to collect coupons and deals

Once the website is ready we need to collect coupons and deals to display it on our site.

Collecting coupons and deals is not as difficult as you think, there are some authentic affiliate networks are there to pass coupons and deals codes.

Signup on popular affiliate network sites like Optimise, Vcommission, Payoom and Opicle  once your account is approved they provide you exclusive coupons to you from all major brands in all categories just collect and display it on your website.

So whenever a purchase is done via your site they pay you some commission for each sale and lead. Don’t forget to use your affiliate link while directing the user to seller sites.

Once you reached the threshold you can transfer the amount to your account.

You can also try displaying Amazon products by signing up as Amazon associates.

3. How to market coupons and deals sites?

Now your website is completely ready but you need some customers for you.

Some ways to market your site

1.Set up a business page in all social networks right from Facebook to Instagram, keep posting the attractive coupons and deals codes every day. Invite your friends and families to share it on their page.

2. Nothing comes free here, spend some money to promote your business to the targeted audience on social media and Adwords but before spending take some social media marketing courses online.

3.Add subscription box to your site and send promotional mails to your subscribers once in a week with some attractive coupons.

Go through free marketing tools for small business to cut cost and do more

4. Reach out to niche blogs, request for a guest article if you are lucky you will get it for free but mostly you won’t. Create an article and publish it on selected popular blogs with a backlink to your website.You can also ask for banners in the blog on subscription.

For example :  one of my articles hits google’s first page for the keyword “refer and earn site”, knowing the popularity of the blog I started receiving a request to publish a sponsored article or banner to advertise their brand.

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Beleive me most of the requests for this article is from Coupons and deals sites.

5. Run an online contest on your social media business pages and give some exclusive lucrative coupons to increase the word of mouth activity.

4. How to get extra coupons?

Once you reached decent audience start approaching local stores and start-ups to share their coupons with you . People will come to you if you are really useful don’t focus on profit focus on customers.

When I was running a coupons and deals sites in my college days I used to approach e-commerce startups for coupons. I had written many emails to many businesses and somehow managed to pull some coupons.

Mail written to a startup and the reply I received

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