How to make money from Facebook?

Hope you have a Facebook account if you don’t have please create one and comeback to continue the rest. If you already have the one no probz you can go on. Facebook is not only a place to scroll your friend’s timeline, uploading your best photos and waiting for likes but also a huge opportunity to make money is buried deep inside it.

All you need is perseverance and patience, Change your idea of viewing Facebook as mere social network but for a place to earn from your homework. Here we are listing effective ways to make money from facebook.

1.Create Fan Page

If you don’t have a page create one if you have a page then you are ready to start working .Post a valuable content,Since content is the king make sure it is interesting choose a niche holding large audience interests .Invite your friends to like your page keep on increasing more likes for your page ,work on it continuously for two months by posting surprising and suitable contents.

Once you reached more likes say 10k now you have to think of making money from it.

Simple,in this startup scenario people want to promote their products to more people in a cost effective way so approach a startups to promote their product in your page in return you charge them some .Produce the insight data to them it will help you to attract them easily.

Don’t charge high if you do that you will lose consistency. Don’t promote products and offers continuously then you will lose your real page audience. Do twice in a week don’t overdo it.

2.Create a group

Create a Facebook group in your niche and request people to join in your group make it public and allow people to post valuable contents make the group active by motivating and posting related posts.

Don’t allow irrelevant content in your group once you reached enough members in your group now it’s a time to make money from it.

For example If your niche is about Digital marketing you can approach institutions or digital marketing agency to advertise in your group by replacing your group cover pic with their advertisement for limited period or for some money.

3.Sell your page

If you have page with more likes in a niche find a similar business and sell it since changing page name is easy and simple you can earn some good money from it.

4.Manage their page

Social Media Marketing is grooming and the best way to reach effective audience, startups like to start or manage their page effectively. Approach three to four startups and get a permission to manage or create a page for them by this you can earn more .

Photoshop, Writing and creative skills will help you to become successful in this business.

5.Be an influencer

Say you got more friends and whenever you are posting content its getting 2k likes then you are an influencer means you are influencing your fans.

Approach a brand with this stats and promote their brand in your timeline demand them reasonable charge .

Many youngsters became influencers simply because they got more facebook fans.

If you know few other ways to earn money from Facebook please comment down below we will add it up. You may be rich but not famous but if you become famous you will become rich so keep focus on increasing audience not money it will come once everything is set.

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