The advantages of NCERT books in comparison to other books

NCERT stands for national council of education, research and training. It has gone on to make a remarkable name in the domain of education due to the primary and secondary text books that it provides. As far as the parents are concerned they tend to have doubts on everything. A few of them have queries and the question is are the NCERT books enough to score good marks in board exams. It has to be stated that ncert class 8 social science solutions are stand- alone books that contributes to the preparation level of the students. Some of the students who have studied from the books have gone on to score 95 % in the exams.

But there is a definite reason to figure out why NCERT books are better in comparison to any other books that is available in the market. Let us understand the reason in details.

  • An in depth understanding of complex subjects is provided- The books of NCERT are designed in such a manner that it provides maximum clarity to the students irrespective of their intelligence levels. It is designed in such a way that it would clear up the concepts and polish ups the various areas as well.
  • The questions that are asked in CBSE board exams are hand -picked from NCERT books. Still there exists a myth relating to this topic and it has been seen that this is a common trend. 99 % of the questions that are asked in board exams are from NCERT and there is no deviation to that.
  • The important questions that are asked at the end of NCERT chapters are twisted and turned which is asked in CBSE exams- If you observe closely at the end of the chapters there are questions asked like fill in the blanks or match the following. When you are preparing from the NCERT books these are only twisted and asked when it comes to the main exam. So it is fair to say that you have a fixed hand exposure to the questions asked in the CBSE exams
  • NCERT books strictly comply with the CBSE syllabus- If you have gone through the NCERT books you can answer any questions that is posed in the CBSE question papers. It provides deep learning where the concepts are cleared in details that would be useful when you are revising the important topics during the exams. Sometimes the student commit the mistake of adhering to reference books that is a wrong concept. Whatever be the case they need to stick to NCERT book as their base and from there it can be taken to the next level. Take note of the fact whatever questions that are asked in the CBSE books are from NCERT books.
  • NCERT books are bound to clear your concepts in details than any side books- An ideal way to study is to lay emphasis on NCERT books that are really effective in clearing your concepts. Do make notes for revision at a later stage. So towards the end it can turn out to be handy when it comes to revisions. One of the better things about NCERT books is that they clear the concepts easily which is where the other books lack
  • CBSE itself is known to prescribe NCERT books- CBSE board has itself gone on to prescribe NCERT books and asked private schools not to refer any books. For them they feel it is a wastage of time and money. According to them NCERT books are more than sufficient to score good marks in the exams. Since these books are more than enough to fetch good marks in exams, it is better to focus on them. There is no point in relying on other books to strike it big. So no need to push beyond the limits and focus on the NCERT books
  • The publication of NCERT books takes place in a simple language- The books of NCERT are written in a simple and easy to understandable language so that students can grasp the topics easily. When the students go on to refer from other books there is chaos and understanding of the topics may not suffice.

The moment you have studied from NCERT and have gone on to devote an extensive time frame relating to its study. A suggestion is after studying the topics, it would be better if you solve a few question papers and have an idea about your exam preparation. This will give you an idea about the areas that you need to focus and which are the ones that you need to ignore. Infinity Learn is the best platform where you can obtain a lot of information related to the topics. They have qualified professionals on board.

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