MHT CET 2018 Difficulty Level in Class with JEE Main Here’s how

The Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra, the conducting body of MHT CET exam has planned to raise the level of questions to be at par with JEE. Changes have been brought by working on the exam pattern and weightage. Through MHT-CET, one can take admission in various Engineering, Pharmacy, Technology and Agricultural courses.

On the other hand, the Joint Entrance Examination or JEE is one of the most sought-after exams in the country. Around 12 lakh students appeared for the exam in 2017 and the count is rising with every successive year. JEE Main 2018 scheduled for April invited 11.5 lakh applications.

As mentioned above, certain changes have been brought by DTE to work upon the level of MHT CET, preferably it must be brought in lines with JEE. Given below are the details of the changes brought to the examination so as to compete with JEE.

  • No segregation of class XI and XII syllabus
  • Every section of the exam will have same number if questions (50 per section)
  • From the total number of questions (50), 10 will belong to class XI while rest of the 40 questions be based on the syllabus of class XII
  • Questions will strictly be application-based

How MHT CET and JEE differ?

MHT-CET tests for the bookish knowledge of candidates. So, preparing for boards leave you more or less prepared for MHT-CET. Most questions in the exam do not expect you to apply the concepts, and require you to know only the facts.

On the other hand, JEE puts lesser emphasis on bookish knowledge. There are fewer questions that require you to know only the concepts, and a larger fraction of the questions require little bit of application. Typically, we can conclude that an above-average student would require about a month to prepare for the test.

To understand the difficulty level of MHT CET and JEE, paper analysis of the both the exams from previous year trends is required. Given below is the paper analysis of both the exams to understand the difference in level of exam.

MHT CET 2017 Paper Analysis

MHT CET was held on May 11, 2017. Around 3,89,520 candidates appeared for the exam. Paper I comprised of Biology with 100 questions (Zoology (50) and Botany (50)). Paper II comprised of Physics and Chemistry with 50 questions each. The exams were conducted in 3 languages – English, Marathi and Urdu and is was moderately difficult. While Paper III comprised of Mathematics with 50 questions was conducted in English only.

The Physics section was tough as compared to previous year. The questions were twisted. This section was more of numerical based which took quite a considerable amount of time.

Chemistry section was thought to be the easiest. In whole paper, there were only 2 numerical based questions. They were easy and saved lot of time. Thereby, balancing the time factor between Physics and Chemistry.

The last section constituted of Mathematics. Candidates surprisingly found the paper easy but quite lengthy. Anyone who knows shortcuts to various concepts would have taken the advantage of the paper.

Biology section maintained a balance between the difficulty level and time allotted. The questions were not so difficult. In this paper, more questions belonged to genetics and plant physiology but anyone who must have prepared botany well could score more than others.

JEE 2017 Paper Analysis

Paper I

The Paper I was conducted between April 2 – 9, 2017. Around, whopping 12 lakh students appeared for the exam. Physics section was moderately difficult and the questions were formula-based.

Considering Chemistry, it was slightly tough in comparison to the previous year. Exam was more conceptual and calculation based.

Mathematics was surprisingly easy as this subject is supposed to be the toughest by aspirants. It was more of concept based, so anyone strong with concepts and its application would have done wonders in the exam.

Paper II

Physics reflects the same pattern as it was in Paper I. It was moderately difficult. Questions were concept based. Chemistry was easy just like the Paper I and previous year. More questions were formula based. However, Mathematics was tough as compared to other 2 sections. But, the level of section was easy when compared to previous year.

The above given paper analysis of both the exams shows the level of difficulty faced by candidates. The overall difficulty level if compared will favor JEE. The exam may not only lie with making the questions difficult, it is all about how well you understand the concepts. How to test conceptual understanding of the candidates is the ultimate challenge. The level of JEE has always been appreciated as it inducts best-in-class candidates for future run and thus, DTE, Maharashtra wants MHT CET to be in line with JEE.

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