Lessons we should learn from Vikram

Perseverance and persistence are the problem of young dreamers they want the immediate effect on their work sometimes they get but not every time success needs patience it is applicable to everyone. Who follow their passion in spite of hurdles will be successful it’s a universal fact but the answer to the question how long I have to wait?depends on the amount of work you are putting in and the result you are expecting. You have to be really patient preparing yourself for the big day.Actor Vikram is one of the living examples of perseverance and persistence. He prepared himself for tomorrow rather than worrying about yesterday.

Lessons from Vikram
Forecast and use the opportunities

Right from his childhood he wanted to become a successful actor when he was doing school in Montfort, Yercaud he practiced karate, horseback riding, swimming and also acting which gave him more confidence.

We want to achieve but have you ever thought are we suitable or are we having the skills? If not first we should work on our skills to achieve our dream it’s not the only dream can make it happen. If you want to become entrepreneur first learn it, go and work in a start-up for two years till you get confidence then you go and start.

HardWork Pays

When director Bala offered him a role Vikram shaved his head, lost twenty –one kilogram and grew nails long for the film sethu ,to have sunburnt look Vikram burnt him under the sun for Kasi which got acclaim. Still now he is working hard to be perfect for the role.

First you give then you expect don’t expect without giving spend more time on your passion die for it,it will be hard initially but think of the end, you can’t spell out any name who became success without hard work though it appears like overnight success only people who made it knows how many nights it took for them to reach the place.

Be humble

He is one of the most humble people in the industry though he achieved a lot he still knows he needs to achieve a lot of humbleness will bring good people around you .If you are successful you need not change your attitude it is more important to save your words now than before.

Help others

He has been a brand ambassador of Sanjeevani trust and a school for special children Vidhya Sudha. Vikram also setup Vikram Foundation to provide heart operations for poor, educate poor children and rehabilitate victims of natural disaster. He produced and featured in “spirit of Chennai” a video tribute to the 2016 Chennai flood volunteers.

First, work hard and take from the society once you reached more than enough and better than others start giving back it to the society who really need it.Help others to achieve the same.

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