How to make money online from Flipkart?

There are lot of ways to make money online but only few techniques are plausible to earn good cash .Making money from ecommerce websites is one of the best methods.You cannot earn in lakhs in single day or in one month but you can earn some good amount it’s depend on the time and the efforts you are putting in.

Affiliate Marketing

Almost all the ecommerce platforms provide this opportunity for money seekers to work for them. The concept is very simple you have to sell their products if you sell it you get a commission in your account you can either transfer it to bank account or exchange with e-gift vouchers.

Go to Flipkart or Snapdeal at the bottom of the page you will find the link for affiliate program just click and create your account they will provide you unique id.

You can create your very own product link by simply copying and pasting specific product link .Flipkart will generate your link now you can use this link to sell the product.

If you are placing the link in your fb post and urging the people to buy the product if anyone buys  a product through your link Flipkart pays you small amount of commission ,it depends on the product category and it varies from period to period.

Tips on how to increase sales

1.Create a Facebook page or group for shopping ,invite your friends and colleagues to join the group discuss about the product or offers not only from Flipkart but in general promote your link once in a day don’t overdo it ,it may force the people to get out of the group.

2.Create a blog on discounts and offers or about specific products, include your affiliate link to that product in your posts but the link should be in the flow of the post.

For example you can say to buy this product click here (your affiliate link).

3.Share your earnings with charity advertise like this “if you buy a product from this page X charity will get some commission” but don’t misuse it to increase the trust please mention the charity name and communication details so users will believe you more.

4.Market it in your friends circle request your friends to buy it through your link.

5.Collect some of your friends email ids and do email marketing but don’t overdo it send one mail in a week holding two –three products. If you are more contacts then use email marketing software to send bulk mails.

We explained it with flipkart but you can try it in Amazon,snapdeal and ebay also.Please comment some other websites name doing affiliate marketing.

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