Tips to Choose Impressive Paint Colors for Your Home Interiors

Getting a house painted is one of the most effective and easiest ways to transform the house’s entire look. Sure, as a homeowner, you will have to look after structural fixes and preserve the space’s distinct architectural character, but picking the right color is of utmost importance. Your selection of paint colors for your house interiors can either make or break the look of your entire house. If you’re planning to renovate your home by applying a few fresh paint coats, this guide is all you need to decide on the right shades for different rooms of your house. So let’s quickly head to the tips shared below:

Use Lighter Color Palette if You Have Smaller Rooms

Less space and smaller rooms are familiar sights in the houses built in current times. If this sounds like your home, too, we have some fantastic home painting ideas. You can consider picking colors like off-white, green, light blue, ivory white, cream, or others that are softer in tone. These colors make small spaces and rooms look bright and inviting. If you’re looking for more options, try picking earthy tones or pastels over vibrant colors. The only problem with using flashy or vibrant colors in a smaller house is it makes the space look cramped. So always stick to liberal color shades that make your home look airier, welcoming, and less narrow.

Pick Shades Based on the Ambiance You Want to Create

It is a known fact that colors play a significant role in setting the tone or the ambiance of the entire space. So your color choices should depend on whether you want the house to look peppy, warm, relaxing, or bright. If you prefer a soothing and subtle look, opt for softer color tones like greens, pink, turquoise blue, lavender, cream, etc. Earthy color shades like soft yellows, terracotta, grey, brown, etc., should be selected if you want the space to appear cheerful and upbeat. To get the colors right at the first attempt, start by deciding on the house’s vibe. Once you’ve made up your mind, start looking for colors that go well with the theme.

Consider Adding a Pop of Vibrant Colors

No one wants their forever house to look dull and plain. It is why the trend of incorporating a pop of vibrant colors into traditional color schemes is growing rapidly. You can use an Asian Paints colour chart to pick a suitable color scheme that looks visually appealing to the eyes. The chosen colors should look stunning and perfectly complement each other. For example, if you plan to get your house walls painted grey and white, consider adding hints of red via painted vases or other decorative elements. It will give your interiors a high-end look at a competitive price.

Pick Colors Based on Architectural Features

If you’re getting a house built with old-home style features like wainscots, door casings, wall mouldings, etc., then you should pick colors according to each such element. Houses with such features should be painted with a combination of two colors – one color for the interior walls and the second highlighting the features. If you’ve run out of inspiration and want to pick the right shades, choose a white or wooden finish for wainscots, door casings, etc. You can also choose to quickly hire a professional interior designer to help you with the color choices.

Jazz Up the Space with Two-Color Stripes

Two-tone color schemes have always been an absolute favorite of interior designers and house owners. If you’re picking colors for your living room or guest room, consider getting vertical color stripes of yellow and white. Such stripes in dual colors are ideal for spaces with small or lower heights because colorful vertical lines have always added height to spaces. If lines don’t impress you, consider getting beautifully painted wallpapers placed on the interiors for an impressive look.

There are endless, creative ways to come up with unique shades for different interior spaces; you just have to explore the option that best satisfies your intent. If you’re feeling clueless, start finding colors with the help of our tips shared above. You will find shades that turn your interiors into an enchanting and inviting place.

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