Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in India (2023)

Real Estate Investment in India is the leading market for investors today and it is rapidly growing with greater returns for the investors. Investing in Property for Sale in India can be beneficial for the investors today and the investment actually depends on your specific choice and financial status.

Investing in the properties inside the city is always expensive than investing in properties outside the city. There are many real estate consultants that can help you turn your idea into reality.

Whether inside the city or outside the town, investment is always risky, especially if you are not aware which city is best for yielding higher returns from investments.

The real estate market in all Indian cities is experiencing a slow down owing to economic downfall and increasing rates of the properties.

But, there are some cities where it is always a profitable deal to invest in properties. So, for your help below is the list of best places in India where you can invest in real estate in 2020.


Noida is the flourishing city close to the national capital and it is rapidly growing with better infrastructure and improved metro connectivity which has contributed greatly towards the development of the city.

So, all these benefits make Noida a profitable destination for real estate investment in future. There are many residential and commercial projects budding up in and around Noida and you can find the best suited projects for investments. There are even affordable housing projects that are worthwhile today for investment, especially if you are having tight budget for real estate investment.


Bangalore is also called as the Silicone Valley of India which is the hub of Information Technology and many new tech hubs are budding up across the city. So, real estate investment in Bangalore would be profitable indeed.

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There are many ongoing and already delivered commercial and residential projects in Bangalore that has the brighter chance to offer higher returns and hence investment in Bangalore real estate market would be profitable for investors today. It is expected that investing in this city’s real estate would be a big game changer in the coming years.


Mumbai is the financial capital of India with many opportunities in real estate for investment. This is the city that enjoys the best infrastructural development owing to its better connectivity to major hubs of the city and influx of professionals from neighboring cities and states.

The Navi Mumbai area is considered to be very lucrative site, especially because of the upcoming airport that is developed in close proximity to this area. Overall, Mumbai is the great city in India for investment and you can yield higher returns on your investment in coming years.


Gurgaon is the major hub for some of the world class residential and commercial developments. It is also the industrial hub across the NCR region and owning to its close proximity to airport, South and West Delhi and other major hubs, makes it the most sought after destination for real estate investment. You will find many ongoing and upcoming commercial and residential Projects in Gurgaon that has the brighter prospect for giving you higher returns on your investment.

Gurgaon is surrounded by many industries, MNCs and headquarters of major brands and due to this fact the city experiences higher influx of professionals from major cities of India. So, to cater to their housing needs, builders and developers are coming up with many new residential projects. The city comprises of many projects for different people with different budgets.

Even you can find Affordable Housing Projects in Gurgaon that are considered to be the most sought-after destination for both residential and investment purpose. These affordable housing projects are developed in adherence to the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna 2013 and hence the payment plans are also flexible and the cost of the units are very minimal, giving people with tight budget the opportunity to own their house in Millennium City.


So, these were some of the best places in India for real estate investment in 2023. You may check with PlanMyProperty website to know all upcoming projects in these cities of India and also learn the about value of your investment in real estate market of India.

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