Why you should take startup jobs?

Growing startups culture not only trying to contribute in economic factor but also opening new gates for fresh passouts to  experiment their skills. Getting job is no more difficult now .If you know Photoshop or blogging or digital marketing then startups are searching for you but with above skills it is difficult to get a job in established firms. There are startup companies to work for in Seattle that accepts beginners who are willing to learn advanced skills while helping the organization thrive on the business ladder.

Here I am listing five effective points on why you should take startups jobs.

1.Less competition

Yes if an established firm announcing a job opening then the competition will be more for example if an automobile manufacturing company is announcing a job opening for a package of 25k then applications will be more than 25k for the single opening but on the other hand if an ecommerce startup is announcing a job opening for the same 25k they get around only 1000 applicants because most of them don’t show interest in startup jobs and unaware of the opportunities.

2.Skill development

You can develop your skills here, it’s much better than your college labs or your clubs. You get an exposure to complete business stages and nothing will happen without the knowledge of you.

Some startups will help you to develop your skills with the help of third parties are your seniors will teach you quickly because they want you to try this in their business.

Startup is a place of learn and try almost everyone comes with single skill and develops there. For example if you join the startup with Photoshop skill with in one or two years you will be the master in all the designing software if you have passion to learn.

You will learn teamwork and develop interpersonal skills.

3.Job satisfaction

You will definitely feel your presence and they will know how important you are. It is your idea they are going to implement it is your design they are publishing it in newspaper. So you feel worthy and will boost you to contribute more which motivates you to learn more.

But it is not easy to implement an idea in an established firm even though it is correct and plausible because you are junior they won’t listen to you and it is very difficult to implement your idea sometimes you won’t feel your contribution.

4.Grow fast

If your business is really doing well in the market then fast growth is assured in a year. They may promote you as an Assistant manager of a function at the age of 23 or as Manager at 24 which is not possible in established business you have to work at least 4-5 years to become Assistant manager of your function that too depends on your company’s hierarchy.

5.Get an easy second job

If you want to switch over the company then your learnings in startup can help you a lot .You can compete with everyone if you really learned the business. Even some startups specifically mentioning they need people with startup experience.

Not only to get an easy second job but also to start your own business.

Please comment down why you should take start jobs

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