How I am increasing blog views?

I started writing blog with an aim to monetize it so I made a plan to write continuously for a month and then focus on increasing the views but I did write articles continuously but couldn’t make the views, that time it was only 50 or 60 views per day but after making few changes to my blog and the way of approach I am getting 200-500 views daily. I know 500 is not a big number but how I moved from 50-500 is a notable subject. So here I am putting down how I am increasing blog views.

1.Focused approach

When I started writing a blog, I covered wide genre right from celebrity to sales executive. Under the tag “Must read” I write my observations but later I moved from wide niche to focused approach I started writing on Sales and Marketing, Money Making and Career Guidance.

When I was writing in wide topics I found difficult to draw my audience but now it is easy to attack them so focused approach is necessary for more views.

If you are a team of more than five then you can cover wide genre like news and media website where each one of you can concentrate on the individual topic. But if you are an individual try to write about a specific niche.

2.Explore all the social media platforms

I was restricted only to Facebook and twitter but later I realised with Facebook you cannot reach more people even you cannot reach all your page likers.

Then I started exploring the social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon and so on .Really they will help you to increase your views it will also bring foreign subscribers to your page as I got.

Don’t leave any social platforms explore everything and be consistent in writing and publishing the articles in all the sites.

3.Start Writing in Linkedin and Quora

I started publishing articles in Linkedin with a link to my original article at the end really it is working and fetching decent views from Linkedin users.

Share your article’s link in updates section and write an engagement sentence to engage your connections more they engage, more post reach at the end increased views.

You can write an answer in quora with a link to your article it will also help you to increase views for your blog.

4.Maintain Consistency

You can check my blog  I write articles daily and publish it on all the platforms consistently .It is difficult to maintain consistency amidst busy working schedule but try harder if you really want to increase your blog views.

But never write articles because you have to maintain consistency. Take time to understand your subject and then publish your own observations and learnings.

5.Useful articles

It is your article’s heading which motivates users to open the link to know what is inside the box so make an attractive and relative heading.

Always focus on the content you are writing, people will like to read if you list out the points for example 5 steps before you start a blog to work from home or they want to learn from others experience like How I earn $76,000 from Blogging Or new technology in their industry. Always think from your reader’s point, if you are seeing your post in your timeline, Is it motivating you to open and read or to a simple scroll?

Rather than focussing on views or to make money from blog focus on good content and try to give what they are expecting it will automatically increase view don’t write an article and push it to your subscribers.

These are 5 points I am doing and did to increase my blog views if you have any suggestions please comment down I will write a reply for sure. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.

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