Make money from URL Shortener

Url shorteners are not only a handful tool to hide your affiliate link and make an extra-long post on twitter but also you can make money from URL shorteners.

Don’t you believe me?

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Not all the URL shorteners are giving you an opportunity to make money but an awesome tool to help bloggers and active social profiles click to signup

How does work?
It works like this

Simple first you need to create an account on and then shorten the URL you want to share it on the internet.

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Then share the shortened URL on social media, whenever your followers or connections click the link before directing to the landing page they will be shown an ad.

So based on the number of views you make you get paid.

To understand better I explain with a practical example.

The following link is shortened which will direct you to land on Free marketing tools for small business but before you land ,you will be shown an ad just click “skip the ad” and then move on to my page.

How can you make money?

If you find something interesting or useful you are sharing this with your friends and networks but why don’t you monetize the link you share.

Whenever you share an article or YouTube videos on social Medias you get paid on the number of views.

Tip: People will like to view articles or videos from influencers, you can find such articles from popular websites and share it with your networks.

How much you can make?

It entirely depends on the effort you are putting and your network strength, the more you share the more you get.

Increase your follower base or connections to increase your revenue.

People are making some good money from URL shorteners believe and work on it.

For Bloggers: You can monetize all the links on your website if you are using WordPress then exclusive plugins available for URL shortening.



For bloggers

Statistics : A simple and insightful report on the number of  views and income generated through that .Categorized on website scripts,Short links and Referrals.


You have three options to get paid

Paypal, Webmoney and Payoneer and the threshold vary for each method.

Payment also varies based on the location your viewers are from.

Try with confidence and you could definitely make some good money. publishes useful and interesting topics for you follow us on Facebook and Twitter ,bookmark us in social bookmarking sites.


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